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Worth Playing: "Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a breathtaking place with the wistful charm of Studio Ghibli's works. With a long roster of side-quests, an open word filled with secrets, clever puzzles, and some of the best-looking credits in any game, you can almost overlook the sharp edges and lackluster AI by focusing on the cel-shaded glow of the magic around one of the rarest, and most spectacular, team-ups anywhere."

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Pintheshadows1802d ago

I'm sorry, but it deserves more than that.

Army_of_Darkness1802d ago

This game is great! should be at least a 9/10. the fact that it shows you where your next destination is makes this JRPG even more awesome! no longer do I need to search and talk to everyone in the village to get/ or find a task in order to proceed! heck, I can actually play another game for a while, then get back to ni no kuni without being lost and confused as to where i need to go next:-)
JRPG's back in the days were very frustrating at times because of that.

MakiSaad21802d ago

who did this review is a retard.
One of the best games in 2013 until now for me

Action GO FIGURE1802d ago

Worth clicking?

Neeeeeeeh. Having a blast with this game... :D

lovegames7181802d ago

Beat it after 54 Hours and still has more things to do. I love this game.