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Mike from Velocity Gamer writes, "When the creators of a beloved property decide they’re moving on, sometimes it’s hard for loyal fans to see why. Just take a look at me circa 2008. “What do you mean, they’re making some dumb superhero game instead of Sly Cooper 4?!” Perhaps I was too hasty. The inFamous games are legitimately fantastic, and I’m glad Sucker Punch was off creating them instead of going back to a franchise that should’ve remained in the PS2 era. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is an excellent cautionary tale for what happens when dormant franchises are revived with no changes by an entirely new dev team. The only thing you get from games like this are sighs of disappointment and a few holes in your nostalgia."

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Super_ike1866d ago

40%? really?! to each their own.

TheLastGuardian1864d ago

This same website gave Black Ops 2 a perfect score. Nuff said.

jakmckratos1866d ago

Lol..I know very reviewer has ther own system by this is just whacked. There's nothing wrong developmentally with this game, it runs excellently..I agree the content leaves a little to be desired compared to the other games but 4/10 implies to the general population it's not a fun game and it barely even functions.

Son_Lee1866d ago

40? This isn't Sly Cooper: Colonial Marines.