VGI: Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines

VGI writes... "When discussing the Alien franchise, the film’s tagline often comes up: “In space, no one can hear you scream.” While die-hard fans say this encapsulates the movies to a tee, I disagree. For me, the fearful-beauty of the Alien films is best conveyed by a conversation between the series protagonist Ripley and Newt.

“These people are here to protect you. They're soldiers,” says Ripley.

“It won't make any difference,” replies Newt."

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sithsylar1982d ago

Looks like they got the paycheck from gearflop.

maximus19851982d ago

weird i never got my check and i have the game and find the online to be fun.

bwazy1982d ago

Yeah, tell me how those two maps are?

MizTv1982d ago

I for one like it
It's far from perfect but I think it's fun

MysticStrummer1982d ago

Yeah I'm enjoying it so far. As you said, certainly not perfect but I'm not seeing anything to justify the really low scores. I don't know what the hell people expect, but if it's constant perfection, they're gonna have really unhappy lives. A game that doesn't do exactly what they want becomes trash and less than stellar graphics make their eyeballs bleed. Sadly it seems that type of gamer is becoming more common.

MizTv1980d ago

i give the game a 6.75-10
the way people talk about it you would think is unplayable

MysticStrummer1980d ago

Yeah my score is a 7 at this point, but a patch or two might bump it up as high as 8. Blacklight: Area 51 is a game that deserves the type of scores A:CM is getting.

dubt721982d ago

Wow. Everyone should read this faux-review. Pretty funny actually.

jlm91982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Umm did you actually read the review sith? - the author even says he didn't even play the game he just borrowed all the good bits from all of the negative reviews for the game to show how easy it is to make a legitimate sounding review for a game before pointing out that it is possible just possible that there may have been some other bad or good reviews out there that did the same thing but claimed to play the game.

Basically he is saying that everyone saw the IGN / Gameinformer/ gamespot scores and brought their reviews somewhat in line with them regardless of what they actually thought about the game