Four Rockstar Games That I Want To See Next Gen

Richard Bailey of TheKoalition writes:
When GTA V hits stores on September 17th later this year, consumers from around the world will be flocking to their favorite retailers to get their hands on Rockstar’s latest open world masterpiece. After this happens, analysts will inevitably shift their focus towards the retail debut of brand new next-gen consoles just in time for the holiday season.

While Take-Two reps haven’t confirmed nor denied if GTA V will launch on these platforms, it’s important to note that Rockstar still has several lucrative franchises that are all capable of being standout gems next generation. In this article, I elaborate further on this theory and unveil four Rockstar games that I want to see debut on next gen consoles.

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rbailey2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Very curious to see what everyone thinks of these picks.

Sandmano2012d ago

No Manhunt!? How could you?

MrKennedy2012d ago

Sequel to Red Dead is a MUST.

ajax172012d ago

I like the idea of a prequel more. I want to see a young John Marston back when he ran with Bill Williamson and Dutch van der Linde.

FullMetalTech2012d ago

Red Dead needs a sequal. They can either take off where the ending left off or try to make new characters like they do with the GTA series.

Dasteru2012d ago

Do you mean a sequel specifically for redemption or just a 3rd Red Dead game in general?

jaggernaut252012d ago

Given the way Redeption ends, a DIRECT sequel makes a lot of sense actually. I could see it going in a lot of different directions. I would definitely love to play that game.

Captain Qwark 92012d ago

bully 2 most def, one of the best games ive ever played. red dead as well and a true manhunt sequel for the third entry

Stoppokingme2012d ago

A manhunt sequel? I'm sure the politicians would love that right now. Let them find something else to bitch about before that's announced.

You are right about bully though, a fun game that deserves a sequel, and red dead is a no brainer.

rbailey2012d ago

Yeah a Manhunt sequel will also have Jack Thompson emerge up from under a rock to try an ban Rockstar games for good lol..

Still though some quality picks otherwise and houser did say that they would consider doing a Bully 2 but only after they finished Max Payne 3.

KaBaW2012d ago

I'd love for a new Bully game. Just wonder what they'd base it around.

jp_footy22012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I think Sony will announce Agent as a launch title for the Playstation 4 on February 20th.

We could be playing Agent this year.

Well, one can dream. ;)

rbailey2012d ago

Agent def needs to come out next gen but I doubt it will be on just the Playstation 4. After what happened to Raymand: Legends, anything is possible.

cloud 2792012d ago

It all depends on Rockstar, to keep it PS exclusive or multi platform. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Agent to be exclusive.

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The story is too old to be commented.