Aliens Colonial Marines review round up - should Wii U owners look forward to it?

ONM: ''The Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U release date has yet to be revealed but judging by the review scores on other platforms, it looks like Gearbox's shooter will struggle to live up to the hype.''

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fluffydelusions1952d ago

Only if they enjoy crap games

ElectricKaibutsu1952d ago

According to this article EGM gave it a 9/10. For reals?

Jobesy1952d ago

I really don't care what reviewers think. I played Duke Nukem despite reviews and enjoyed it moderately. Theres many other poorly scored games I've also enjoyed.

I don't own a Wiiu, but I'm hoping it's a good game for them considering it was a highly anticipated title and supposedly the definitive version.

Venox20081952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

you speak truth about Duke nukem, I liked it too and didnt care about its reviews, I'll gonna take a look at aliens too

donman11952d ago

No... GearBox is going to be in serious financial problems with this EPIC FAIL.

HarryMasonHerpderp1952d ago

I reckon it's still going to sell loads because of the licence. There are a lot of Alien fans out there that just want a taste of the old movies again (me included) but I won't be buying this garbage. Instead I'm going to just watch the films again for the millionth time and hope one day they will make a game worthy of the title Alien/s.

Venox20081952d ago

heh, say that to Aliens vs Predator which came in 2010 with not so good reviews and it sold decently

Starfox171952d ago

All depends how the wiiu version plays out ?

ZeekQuattro1952d ago

The overall consensus seems to be that the game sucks unless you play multiplayer and thats hardly a reason to be excited about it. I'll pass on any version of the game and I was originally thinking about picking it up to.

Elem1871952d ago

I can't imagine not playing multiplayer on a FPS shooter. You mean there is people that buy FPS for a singleplayer experience?!?!? (Minus Metroid)

Call of Duty has one of the worst Singeplayer experience, but I don't know anyone who buys call of duty for singleplayer.

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