How to Play Games From the Japanese PSN on Your Non-Japanese Vita

Do you have a PlayStation Vita and a love of Japanese games, but feel the games you want to play take too long to get localized or—worse yet—will never leave Japan? Well, there is good news for you: The Vita is region free and can play any game from any region.

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sdozzo1898d ago

Huge props from a technical standpoint with all the images. Thank you.

GloriousBagel1898d ago

Old article is old, how did this get approved?
The name is still misleading, It should be "How to Play Games From the Japanese PSN on Your Non-Japanese PSN Account"

cero551898d ago

Vita users shouldn't have to do this... Sony should allow 2-4 accounts on the system. or at the very least make it hassle free switching profiles with different memory cards.

GribbleGrunger1898d ago

Yep. Three things Sony should do for the Vita:

1) Advertise the damn thing

2) Release a revised version with Video out and built in Memory (16GB)

3) Allow for up to 4 accounts on one Vita.

r211898d ago

I'd rather have switchable accounts just by swapping out memory cards seeing as i already spent my cash on 2 mem cards. If Sony wont allow multiple accounts on 1 mem card, at least make it easier to switch out accounts.

GloriousBagel1898d ago

They do those things to counter piracy.