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SEGA: Aliens: Colonial Marines SP was not outsourced to TimeGate Studios

DSOGaming writes: "Aliens: Colonial Marines primary development has not been outsourced to TimeGate and Gearbox Software was not responsible just for the game's multiplayer, Sega of America's Senior Producer Matthew J. Powers confirmed to Playnews on Tuesday."

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Bad Editing
Should be "Outsourced" I think :)
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john21894d ago
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ElectricKaibutsu1894d ago

Uh oh, it looks like Gearbox really is to blame.

BanBrother1894d ago

Gearbox: Uummmmmmm.... it wasn't us who made it??? :-) :-) :-)
Sega:............... uh, yes you did.

jimbobwahey1894d ago

This is utterly hilarious. Gearbox has gotten so used to passing the blame whenever they screw up (which is worryingly regular) but this time the publisher has actually stepped in to set the record straight.

Poor Randy! Any minute now he's going to revert to calling his detractors terrorists again...

What a loser.

ThanatosDMC1893d ago

Pitchford kept hyping the hell out of this game too. I mean, Zombie Aliens... really???

Kevin ButIer1891d ago

Someone should sue those guys... cynics

fossilfern1894d ago

This is such a shame. I stayed away from all sorts of previews for this game but when I started seeing videos for myself close to its launch I was shocked at how average it looked. Now with all these reviews coming out I dont think ill even bother getting this.

Burackus1893d ago

dont, i did and it sux bad

fossilfern1892d ago

yeah saw it at a friends house and it was awful. What a waste of time and this is considered cannon? Im sure Fox are regretting that decision or whoever authorised this to be cannon.

Dms20121894d ago

Its unforgivable that the license has been so grossly mishandled. I sadly bought intothe hype and now I am just disappointed.

john21894d ago

I still remember the first CG screenshots that were released when Aliens: Colonial Marines was announced. They looked so awesome. Too bad we got this game instead of what we were hoping back in the days

Nevers0ft1894d ago

Agreed! I had two console purchases planned for the next 4-or-so weeks: Rayman Legends and Aliens Colonial Marines... The first is delayed to the point that I won't give a rats ass when it releases and the second one is stillborn.

Oh well, at least my other hobbies wont let me down. I absolutely LOVE gin and hookers \o/

1nsomniac1894d ago

I thank you......Said it a million times before Gearbox are shit & complete bellends but no one listens!

FarCryLover1821894d ago

Hmm what is going on here???

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The story is too old to be commented.