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hosseincode1861d ago

cover of the magazine included and this time it's not fake!

r211861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Referring to your MP comment, its probably is. If I were to buy this game, hunter mode would be my top reason to buy it.

Blastoise1861d ago

Hunter mode is great. I can't help but shake the feeling this is gonna be a rather mediocre game though.

I mean look at Crysis 2 reviews, look how high THEY were. And once you've taken away the graphics what are you really left with?

starchild1861d ago

Umm...the reviews were pretty good for Crysis 2 and...low and behold it was a good game in many people's opinion. Imagine that.

I don't understand you silly people who think that the world revolves around your opinion.

I really enjoyed Crysis 2. A lot more than most shooters, that's for sure.

I'm excited for Crysis 3. The amazing graphics are only the icing on the cake.

bentarrant1861d ago

Hi five starchild. The graphics just make it better, the Crysis series adds a nice and much needed variety to the point and shoot monotony of other FPS games. It's also an interesting story line. Hunter mode is also brilliant fun, I can see this game doing really well..

Drumsmasher1861d ago

Lol, Starchild. I think you're trolling, but idk in reality. Defending Crysis 2, and saying that someone's opinion doesn't matter? Do you work for EA? I mean, your name is starchild! I hated ME3!

Gaming1011860d ago

Seriously, if this is a measly 5 hour game on normal difficulty I'm not buying it. Hunter mode is a cheap distraction. If they can't create a single player that last's more than 10 hours, considering it's more open world than Crysis 2, you would've thought they could include more.

This is starting to look like a stupid tech demo. Multiplayer was garbage. Hunter mode was a distraction; something that loses all its novelty after not very long. Plus with cloak suit it's practically a camper's dream. Now you have people sitting and waiting while being invisible so you have no chance of not getting killed by them. If you have a PC this game's only redeeming factor is that it's really good looking provided you were nerdy enough to spend 2 grand on your PC to make Crysis 3 run on ultra high settings.

InMyOpinion1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

No one seems to have noticed that this is a polish magazine reviewing a polish game.

Not saying they are biased. But not saying they aren't either. :) I'd probably wait for more reviews to come in before being too happy.

Judging by the MP beta I wasn't impressed at all. Imo the graphics on the console version looked worse than Crysis 2, which is very weird. Gameplay was a very standard affair.

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1861d ago
Matt06111861d ago

8-page review?

It might take me longer to read the review than to beat the campaign.

rajman1861d ago

"it takes 5h to complete game in normal mode with sidemissions"


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r211861d ago

And overall it got 9 out 10 O_o Short but really really fun is what im getting from this review.

hosseincode1861d ago

looks like multiplayer is good enough

DizzyDino1860d ago

I will rent it from Redbox. I rent all the short games from them.

DigitalAnalog1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Nowadays, even the legendary Halo can be finished within the same time period. Let's face it. It has become a gen concerned about putting tech first then work with content later, or simply they will use multiplayer as an excuse to promote some false "value", no matter how generic into the game.

Drumsmasher1861d ago

At least it has better multiplayer, and at least the story makes sense.

Hooby1861d ago

Methinks you havent played the legendary halo. Well, maybe with 3 other friends, but def not alone.

Bathyj1861d ago

im not believing 5 hours. i never finish games as quick as they say. and crysis is a game i will sneak my whole way through.

Murad1861d ago

Well you got to remember that games normally take the best score from the overall time completion, rather than the overall time it took to complete the chapter/ level. Or that's what I've known so far for most titles, like Vanquish for example.

IAmLee1861d ago

it's not about quantity, it's about quality :')

andibandit1860d ago

What matters is the product of both.
If either of them is zero, the other wont matter

Yodagamer1861d ago

Well the article did mention something about something cool afterwards, so maybe it's something that will elongate the single player experience.

masa20091861d ago

Disappointing especially since C2 was longer than your average contemporary shooter.
Oh well, I guess the lerger environments explain this. And probably the 2-year tops dev cycle.

LapDance19741860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Agree totally, was pretty shocked it came out so quick.Not to mention the no DX10 support annoys me, and I was a huge fan of the first game, but I have serious reservations about this game.

tronjohn1861d ago

The game length and enjoyment sky-rocket on higher difficulties. Crysis games are best played on the hardest difficulties! The AI is more cunning, the HUD is less littered with bullshit and you actually have to plan your attack instead of using your bullet-sponge armour. I encourage everyone to try it this way. The game becomes a tactical puzzle of sorts (I am assuming the levels are more similar to Crysis 1's more open layout)

-Gespenst-1861d ago

That's ridiculous. The visual quality and design are really alluring, but if that's actually true, I'm not getting this game.

pr0digyZA1861d ago

5 hours seems short. But if you take a step back and think about this then
A ) the magazine had a deadline as it needed to go to print and was the first review, meaning the reviewer was most likely pressed for time.

B) when crysis 2 was released some reviewers claimed it was 6 hours long, which turned out to be not true for the majority of players (although some finished in 4 hours, but others finished In 15), this seems to show that there is quite a lot of variation in play styles that can affect time.

The only way we will really know for sure is when more reviews are up.

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A7XEric1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Honestly it always takes me longer to beat these games than what these early reviews always say. And game length also in no way reflects the quality of the experience.

I beat Journey in almost one sitting and it was probably the best game I played all year.

But nevertheless it is a little disappointing to hear it is that length, especially given how lengthy Crysis 2's campaign was compared to other modern shooters

SlyFamous021861d ago

Sorry but Crysis2 did not have a long campaign by any standards.

Tyre1861d ago

That the problems see u guys have unimaginative standards, with Crysis the gameplay open, they leave it to the player how he gets to the next area. It is not like holding ur hand all the time and just straight to the next area by brute force 'u can' but it is by far the baddest way to play Crysis. If they say 5 hours, they mean put difficulty on very easy and go straight to every checkpoint by brute force, that my friend is the way to beat every game in 5 hours & the least fun...very boring & unimaginative way to play a game, especially Crysis.

BlindGuardian1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Crysis 2 along with the first Resistance have the longest single player campaign for FPS this generation

and this is from someone who finishes the COD games in less than four hours in hardened

A7XEric1861d ago

Maybe not compared to Skyrim or something, but it took me around 10 hours to beat which is way longer than all of these 4 hour Military Shooters on the market right now.

Imalwaysright1861d ago

@ BlindGuardian FC3 campaign is much longer than RFoM campaign.

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SAE1861d ago

For me it's the opposite >.< . I always take less time to complete the games then the official or even players time..

SP3333D-O1861d ago

Not trusting early reviews as they tend to be overly generous. Hope it holds true.

Bathyj1861d ago

cmon crysis dont let me down.
im supposed to be playing aliens this week but thats not happening.
if this falls through i have to wait til god of war to play something.

Campy da Camper1861d ago

BioShock infinite in less than 2 weeks.

AlphaCentyros1861d ago

Sorry to disappoint you, but Infinite got delayed to March.

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