IGN's Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review

Turning Point: Fall of liberty is a shining example of a great idea poorly executed. There is fun to be had with the game, but it's not the grand adventure it claims to be. Shooting Nazis in the streets of three major U.S. cities should be a non-stop thrill ride that has you on the edge of your seat. This game provides the opposite experience. If you're a die-hard WWII buff (or zeppelin fetishist), give this one a rent. Otherwise, skip it and read a Harry Turtledove novel instead.

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Harry1903944d ago

all saw this one coming.
tough luck.

MK_Red3944d ago

Actually I was expecting a much lower score. Something between 2 to 4. The Conflict Denied Ops is the game that deserved to get a 5/10. It was completely mediocre but this Fall of Liberty is downright broken and ugly in some parts.

akaFullMetal3944d ago

to bad, it would of really been abig change from the usual wwII scenario, however it doesnt seem to be a great game, just an ok game, so maybe ill rent it some time when im bored

Dr Pepper3944d ago

Have you played the demo? It was not ok, imo. It was straight bad.

Fux4Bux3944d ago

Yeah I figured with the atrocious demo. Such a great concept just totally ruined.

MK_Red3944d ago

Wow, a surprisingly high score from IGN. This game is 2008's Hour of Victory and giving it an average score of 5/10 is beyond genereous.