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3 Reasons Why Gears of War Judgement Mulitplayer Might Fail

Gears of War Judgement is around the corner and is slowly but surely creating a buzz around the next saga of Baird and Kilo squad. As we approach the next title in the series we are greeted with some new additions to the next episode of the saga. Some of these additions have been welcomed, but mostly, Gears of War fans are looking at the next title with a slightly disheartened perspective. (Gears Of War Judgement, Xbox 360)

schmoe  +   970d ago
not to mention no word on local servers :-(
bosbvok  +   970d ago
Quite right , have not seen anything about dedicated servers for this title like GOW3.
TekoIie  +   969d ago
Dont worry dedicated servers were confirmed! Heres the vid:

Dwalls1171  +   969d ago
If the online is bad as gears of war 2
schmoe  +   969d ago
Pekolie we meant local dedicated servers here in deepest darkest Africa. We actually do have gamers, and Internet connections as well as electricity and running water
TekoIie  +   968d ago
Ok... Bosbvok's comment made no mention of Africa and yours did not either. I dont have access to every N4G members location. So misunderstandings happen when theres a lack of info ;)
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bosbvok  +   970d ago
And this from a Gears of War fan :(.
PandaMcBearface  +   969d ago
Youtube "the worm camping in Call of Duty". That's pretty much what it sounds like this is going to be :/
StrongMan  +   969d ago
Those are all legit reasons but I'd like to add that Gears of War Judgement only has 90k pre orders. Other Gears games had over a million pre orders.
Root  +   969d ago
They've changed the controls aswell.....thats off putting enough to me

Unless you can change them back
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