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Submitted by flappersack 1096d ago | review

Aliens: Colonial Marines - Destructoid Review

Aliens: Colonial Marines famously considers itself the canonical sequel to Aliens, but the quality of its campaign reduces such a claim to little more than arrogant posturing, as this bumbling fan fiction dares compare itself to one of the most respected science fiction horror films of the 20th century. It barely deserves a comparison with Battlefield Earth. (Aliens: Colonial Marines, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 2.5/10

shodan74  +   1096d ago
Wow. As a huge Aliens fan, I really hoped this game would be worth my time. Such a goddamn shame.
Dylila  +   1096d ago
well the game had to be rubbish if the devs were raving about the best verson being on the wii u. how can the superior version be on the worst console this generation with the weakest hardware power.

eight days til ps4 announcement. i cant wait for ps4
LightofDarkness  +   1096d ago
Seriously, did the Wii U not invite you to its birthday party? How are you not banned yet?
Genuine-User  +   1096d ago
Worst console?
What are you even talking about? You're gassing it.
Septic  +   1096d ago
Please, in the nicest way, just STFU. Your constant trolling is getting annoying.

On topic- a friggin shame about this. I really was looking forward to this. I remember the original Aliens fps on pc ages ago; it was absolutely brilliant.

Who remembers playing as the Aliens and starting off as a baby alien are they called necromorphs?) and eating your way out of a human host's stomach? That was brilliant.

Well I guess that's one less game I'll be buying this year. Still, I can't shake the feeling of disappointment. So much potential gone to waste.
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DonFreezer  +   1095d ago
Really ps fanboys reached a new high in stupidity.
The_Infected  +   1095d ago

No it's rubbish because Gearbox didn't make the campaign.
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IAmLee  +   1095d ago
I'm currently playing the game now, i've never been a massive fan of aliens, but I thought I'd give it a go.. the multiplayer is a shambles and single player is dull as fuck. Nice work gearbox..
Reibooi  +   1095d ago
Makes me sad I have been waiting for a good Aliens game since Aliens Versus Predator back in the day(the good one that rebellion made)

That game was awesome. Despite being really fast paced and all it was still scary as hell and to this day I go back and play it every now and then and it holds up in everything except graphics. Honestly someone should just make a good mod for it to make it look more modern.
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Megaton  +   1096d ago
Critical hit.
bratman  +   1095d ago
It's super effective.
Sandmano  +   1096d ago
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1096d ago
My exact words too.
I hope one day the Alien franchise gets the videogame it deserves instead of developers trying to cash in on the name. I waited a long time for this game and it looked amazing when it first started out and slowly got worse and worse. It looked more mediocre and like every other shooter out there with an Alien skin over it the closer it got to release.
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Sandmano  +   1096d ago
I really enjoyed the AvP Marine campaign I dont get how with 5 years in development they couldnt 1up AvP! Which isnt even focused on the marines!

I was so hyped for this game and the way they advertised it I thought it would be epic. Its not only the reviews theres a general disdain for the game, sad really this game could have been something special...
guitarded77  +   1095d ago
It's Jim Streling. He does this crap all the time for attention. I'm not saying it's a good or bad game until I play it, but I'm sure as hell not trusting Sterling for a review.
PS4isKing_82  +   1096d ago
I would still take this over cod, halo, and other recycled shit were always given on a yearly basis.
And besides, it's a liscensed product.

Games made after famous tv shows and movies rarely provide game of the year material.
It's just mainly for fans to play thru the worlds they know and love.

And if if gets other ppl to play it, that's good too.
MizTv  +   1096d ago
yup the same people that give cod 9's and 10's every year are showing all there hate for this game. im going in a hour to get it and i cant fn wait
Septic  +   1096d ago
How is Halo recycled?
RTheRebel  +   1095d ago
playstation logo says it all
Ashunderfire86  +   1095d ago
Don't even compare this to Halo 4, a much better game than this atrocity. Alien Vs Predator 2010 was a much better game than this anyway. Randy Pitchford your suspended from your job for a week!!!! Now go in the corner and think about the atrocity you and your team made. You can do better than that man!!!
00000000000000000001  +   1096d ago
I guess I won't even bother reading this review, not worth my time!
modesign  +   1096d ago
this is the 2013 version of duke nukem forever.
DevilishSix  +   1095d ago
The trend is Gearbox was associated with that game as well. Gearbox is not a great deveoper, they are in it for the big names and possible cash grabs, because it is obviously not about quality as neither DNF or this new Aliens game have no quality standards. I am losing respect for Gearbox. Borderlands DLC, DNF, and Aliens have been disappointing.
KING85  +   1096d ago
Played some of it last night and I have to agree its really not that great. It stands out in no area which is just a bit disappointing. Unfortunately as others have noted, license video games rarely do well.
gillri  +   1096d ago
wasnt hyped for this game at all, long development cycle and always looked like rubbish

so why are people surprised?
Sandmano  +   1096d ago
Because the idea of a good Alien game got people excited it could have been something great, but...
SageHonor  +   1096d ago
This game is getting ripped apart
Kingdom Come  +   1096d ago
As I've said before, I called it: (27 Days Ago) "When the game was initially announced back in 2008, I was undeniably hyped, it was originally a highly tactical, squad-based FPS (Think Rainbow Six in Space with Alien's Horror Atmosphere), you issued commands to your 3 AI Companions, requesting them the weld doors shut, guard doorways, vents, floor panels etc, also, there was a great co-operative gameplay mechanic where if playing campaign with a friend you each command one of the two remaining AI companions, giving the second player equal experience to the host.

However, due to Gearbox's shifting focus towards the recently acquired Duke Nukem franchise and then with development of the much requested Borderlands sequel, this game became forgotten about, and, it would seem unfortunately, in order to release it prior to the next generations arrival, it's been stripped down to a bland, generic shooter."
r21  +   1096d ago
So basically a crappy game caused the birth of another crappy game?
a_adji  +   1096d ago
I guess this is a game they are welcome to delay for Wii u lol
Realplaya  +   1096d ago
I Agree lol
MilkMan  +   1096d ago
Figured as much, as i was looking at the final product i couldn't see myself playing this game, I'm was already gun shy from Borderlands 2, and this just looked "boring"
KING85  +   1096d ago
Played it on PC and the graphics aren't horrible, but as you said the gameplay is quite boring. Dialogue leaves much to be desired, I think developers need to realize that if you know in the bottom of your heart that the game is not going to be good, then don't even release it. Gearbox must have come to a point where they were looking at the product and said, "You know what, this is not our best work". If more developers did this, we might have better games. I don't think they possibly told themselves we have another Borderlands hit on our hands.
kutocer  +   1096d ago
Why do people hang the hopes on buying a game from a review? A number of times over the years a game has been slated only for me to play it and think it's not a bad game, ACM sits there for me. If your a fan off the movies this is a must play game. It captures the feeling from Aliens, the atmosphere is ok not great but has kept me entertained so far and I'm about 3 missions into Hadley's hope. Yes it has flaws, yes it has bugs but I can oversee these issues to play an Alien game that even though the reviewers have slated it I'v enjoyed. Make your own mind up that's what it is there for!!!!
KING85  +   1096d ago
What you say is very much true for some, but as you know does not apply to all. Rental services may not be available to all, therefore people may not be willing enough to take the plunge on dropping down $40-$65 after taxes for a game which is quite a lot in today's economy. I've been burned by MOH, but some may enjoy it. I usually wait for reviews, but as you said I took the plunge and decided to see for myself. Was it wise? Not in the slightest because I found it to be a very average game and I paid full price.
Whether we like it or not reviews can help us make informed decisions. Of course we have to take into account that a reviewers taste may differ from our own, but it can help us to save a few bucks in one our favorite pastimes.
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kutocer  +   1096d ago
Totally agree with you but this is where we as senisble people make our own minds up. For me this game is more about the story between 2 and 3. I always knew this would be a generic shooter which will bring nothing new to the table but I'm enjoying it because it's Aliens. Seeing different areas that I remember from the film brings a nostalgic affect to me. Look it's no blockbuster of a game, it's not the most technological advanced game out there but it's entertaining and that's saying something for me as my interest in games is rock bottom low right now. I don't know maybe I'm just so bored with alot of games right now this is more fun then it should be.
InTheLab  +   1095d ago
Normally I'd agree but Jim Sterling is a massive fan of Aliens and also...

They clearly half assed this game, so to suggest fans go out and buy it for $60 just because you like is is a disservice to Aliens fans.
krisq  +   1096d ago
Real shame :(
Was counting on this one.
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Kran  +   1096d ago
Why do Destructoid always have to go so low with their scores? They score a game as if it's unplayable. It is not.

Then again this is Jim we're talking about.
DevilishSix  +   1095d ago
Two weeks ago Jim gave DS 3 an 8 and its averaging a 78, I would say he is pretty close often. Do his scores seem off a bit, yes sometimes, but I read his reviews and one thing he does well is tell the truth and offers support for his final scores.
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Swiggins  +   1095d ago
If you'd read what he wrote instead of just paying attention to the little number at the bottom, he more than justifies that score....

Thank God for Jim.
palaeomerus  +   1095d ago
Jim mainly does stunt reviews to shock people, and tantrum reviews that often have little to do with whatever he claims to have played.

Was Deadly Premonition what's you'd call finished and polished Jim? The driving, fishing, and shooting was good stuff? Not repetitive and amateurish or anything? The townie weirdo jokes were all funny and the characters seemed real and not based on stereotypes? The $25 package of crackers in a hotel vending machine that let you heal damage seemed like a sensible economic element that matched the setting and served the storyline?

Two standards. One gives a mediocre working game a 2.5/10 and the other gives a wreck of a budget game a 10/10 because it was silly.

Jim is a tiresome fool and a troll, and so are the people who encourage him and his a-hole nonsense.
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Zha1tan  +   1095d ago
I have talked to Jim personally and know him quite well, he like me is a massive xenomorph fan......he is raging this morning over this game and is so dissapointed in it as am I.

And this to an Aliens fan is NOT an average game....if you appreciate the characters and story telling of Aliens then this is an absolute nightmare.

And for this arsehole palaeomerus me who quotes his other reviews you are just nothing more than a moronic "score whore" you never READ reviews do you?

And since when does another review score make another less valid? Oh sorry did his previous scores deviate from popular OPINION?

Well thats the beauty of OPINIONS and the second you understand a review is an OPINION the better you will understand reviews.
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KING85  +   1095d ago
@Kutocer You're quite right there. I guess if you go in knowing what to expect, then the purchase definitely is on the customer. From what I've played it's okay, and like you I knew it wasn't going to be anything phenomenal. So with that it'll be a distraction. I currently have a backlog of PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC titles to finish off (shame on me I know), so in terms of gaming entertainment I have no worries. I just fined it hard to finish games as I've gotten older. I know my gaming interest has lessened a bit, as I've become older, but responsibilities do get in the way.
kutocer  +   1095d ago
That's it I knew I wanted to see the story, i knew the game would be another shooter (lets be honest we;ve seen it all now really) but I'm still happy to give it a try and follow the story. I've given up on console games again and this time unless something amazing comes out I can't see myself buying another. I went the other way round and had the responsibilities but since those have gone (split up) my gaming has gone down, strange considering it was part of the break up lol.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1095d ago
All that extra time and they still can't make a decent game. Just goes to show that delays mean nothing.
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Psychotica  +   1095d ago
I am playing it on PC and while it's not the greatest game in the world I am having fun with it. I have certainly bought worse games..

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