Latest Xbox Sales Numbers: 360 Over 76 Million, Kinect at 24 Million

The latest and most up to date Xbox sales numbers have been revealed by Microsoft (via Major Nelson), showing that the Xbox 360 has now sold over 76 million units worldwide, which represents a number three times that of the original Xbox. As for the Kinect sensor, there have now been 24 million sold since launch, and Xbox Live is now at 46 million members, a growth of 15% since last year.

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Sizzon1769d ago

Congrats Microsoft! :)

Can't wait to see and hear more about the 720. Bring it ^^

AdmiralSnake1768d ago

8 disagrees for just saying congrats ? Wow....Lmao....

sheesh. Congrats Microsoft, pump out some more exclusives next gen. I'm tired of Halo and Gears.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

That's the problem they did it without new original content. smh.. Cod, halo & gears did it.

All Shooters ugh.

alan wake in 2010 is good but doesn't sell much in comparison. And actually was pirated over a million times even more than cod and then cod sells more.

forza is not a huge seller compared to halo.
Now it will be gears,halo,Cod & destiny.

David Cage has a point..

I expect shooters and kinect at e3.

Dwalls11711768d ago

Congtats for 76 million consoles shipped. Great job this gen MS

YipMan1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Brilliant 'Stealth' trolling!

Lvl_up_gamer1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

At least MS releases their numbers....Sony has to rely on 3rd party "estimates" which are still lower then what MS has "shipped" and Sony has to combine PS2 and PS3 numbers to make it look like PS3 has shipped more then it really has.

Either way, the only number that matters is Market Share and MS is ahead of Sony in that department as well.

BitbyDeath1768d ago

@Lvl_up_gamer, Sony will probably announce their numbers on the 20th.

nukeitall1768d ago

I'm even more surprised about the Kinect numbers. Kinect is about to surpass the original Xbox user base.

That's crazy, and it's still selling like hotcakes.

Now, who said it was going to fail to gain traction?

AngelicIceDiamond1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

DWalls learn to read, It says sold. Your mistaking this with Sony.

OnTopic: Grats MS, looking forward to 720 don't keep me waiting to long.

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user39158001768d ago

Trolls come to the talking table, no way 76 million...
well vg charts update your chart lol... I never understood this, when PS3 gets high numbers everyone seems to be happy and hardly any trolls, but when xbox kicking @ss, the trolls come out of nowhere, to predict doom ugh... Just grow up and learn you are just someone who wants to be on top due to ignoranced.

Kingnichendrix1768d ago

As a ps3 owner myself i dont really get it but you see a lot of hate on the wiiu and ps3 on most articles so i guess you see pissy nintendo and playstation owners hating on other consoles its the same for xbox owners

TheLyonKing1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Well done Microsoft and everyone this gen, first time everyone has soared passed 70 million consoles.

And people say gamings dying :D

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subtenko1768d ago

You all forget about Xbox360's high failure rate? It's not that 76 million people own an xbox360, its lower but I'm not saying its something stupid like 1 million,lol that wouldn't make sense.

It will be interesting of Sony goes first this time. When all three are out I'm curious of what the Wii U will do.

Death1768d ago

I'm not sure if you missed it, but the Xbox 360 hardware has been revised since 2006. Most people forgot about the high failure rate that plagued the launch consoles.

nirwanda1768d ago

If thats really the case how do you explain that most multiplats sell better on the 360

sak5001768d ago

And MS extended the warranty for 3 years. So did you count the YLOD issues in PS3 as well in sales figures or how PS2 had massive lens issues which i had it on 2 PS2s. Atleast MS covered it with 3years but not by SONY.

subtenko1766d ago

@nirwanda, how could it not be the case? Its the same for all three console makers. Those numbers are the actual number of people with the console in their home because a lot of those consoles were broke.

In that case there would be no such thing as RROD. Therefore if one person in the whole world got RROD the number of xbox360's sold would be 75,999,999. Surprised other people cant understand that basic statement,lol.

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sway_z1769d ago

Proof that all 3 game co's can have a slice of the cake! can't we all just get along?

MasterCornholio1769d ago

No we cant because fanboys will always be fanboys.

Sad but true.

vega2751769d ago

Congratulation MS cant wait for the next xbox to release.

Software_Lover1769d ago

Congrats. So much momentum for both the 360 and ps3. Sometimes I wonder, other than a graphical improvement, is it necessary right now to release new consoles. Do people, the masses, really have enough money to buy new consoles. I'm sure its not on the top of their lists.

I wish Sony and Microsoft luck because its gonna be tough, as Nintendo learned very very quickly with the wii-u. But I think in Nintendo's case it was a "fool me once" type of deal.

PS4isKing_821769d ago

Lets put it this way. If 5 to lets say 20 mil people can afford a new apple iPad at $600 and up every six months, I think those same ppl can afford a $400 to $500 console pretty easily.

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