Aliens: Colonial Marines Review (GB)

After a small delay Aliens: Colonial Marines is finally coming to consoles and PC, but not all at once. The highly anticipated version for the Wii-U was pushed to the end of the month. Developed by Gearbox and published by Sega, this game sets out to set the record straight by trying to revive the franchise.

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bunfighterii1707d ago

The only decent review for this game. I wonder who to trust?

modesign1707d ago

you only trust the reviews were they are praising the game, im sure you would blindly buy this then regret it with "i wish i knew the reviews first"

jimbobwahey1707d ago

Well you could trust the huge amount of reviews from reputable websites that say the game is awful, or the huge amounts of hands-on impression from people who bought the game and are regretting it.

Or you could trust Gamingbolt, a no-name blog run by what appears to be teenagers with a severe lack of writing talent.

Hmm... Tough choice, that is.

gameseveryday1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Forbes and Guardian gave the game an 8 as well. So does that mean a site that gives a game a decent score is ran by 'teenagers with a severe lack of writing talent'?

-Falaut-1707d ago

^That's a joke right Rashid? Forbes and're joking?

R_aVe_N1707d ago

This is the primary reason I never listen to any reviews. Each person enjoys different things you have tons of reviewers praise Skyrim but I thought it was a glorified turd. Just goes to show you have to judge for yourself on each game. If you are not sure about it rent it or find it cheaper.

sway_z1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

8.5? ...Aliens is not nearly that good. Having played it for 2 hrs... can honestly say it is not a bad game, it just fails to live up to it's potential.

I have played better Alien themed games on hardware of generations long passed (PS1, Atari Jaguar etc) 6/10 is reasonable IMO.

BanBrother1707d ago

I'll be getting it regardless. AvP 2010 averaged in the 60's, but to me (a huge Predator and Alien fan) it was like a 9 (in terms of fun, disregarding the shortcomings).

I think that if you like Aliens you'll probably enjoy it. I never hyped this game up, as I wasn't expecting much, especially considering the series has never really been reviewed that well (there are exceptions). Nice review.

PS: strange how Dead Space 3 and this are getting savaged. Not a Dead Space fan, but how could it be a 3,4,5 out of ten? South Park Tenorman's revenge is a 2/10 or 3/10 imo, yet it averagec in the 60's. If you are a fan of Aliens, rent it. If you like it, buy it. Simple. I did really wish the game would do good though :(

axerated1707d ago

I'm about 2 hours in and I avoided actually reading any of the reviews, I expected it to have glaring faults but so far I'm genuinely enjoying it. The shooting is clunky against human characters but feels fine against the aliens, all the guns you know and love are here, the aliens atmosphere is nailed, the games graphics are perfectly acceptable with nice lighting effects, the sound effects are obviously spot on...
On the downside; npc's, whilst cool to have around for that squad feeling, are utterly useless and run around like blind chickens, the AI is pretty bad at times and the checkpoints are annoying given how often you'll die (I'm playing on hardened)
So it's no masterpiece, but as a marine game it pisses on avp 2010. Then again I enjoyed DNF so what does my opinion count?
Play it and make your own minds up

DigitalAnalog1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

If you read the reviews, you'll notice a lot of them mirror your points, save for the fact that it ends up having a terrible score. I'm not trying to say your experience is false but even your statement makes it even more dissuading to buy it.

On the other hand, this "play it to make your mind" excuse is a selfish point of view and you're only giving a false sense of security that an opinion could be different based on good faith. I'm sorry, but dropping $60 on a game that is likely to not live up your experience because you NEED to see it because some random poster said so is are ignorant consumers who takes things at face value. Nevermind the fact you can't be held accountable despite your "recommendation". I'm sorry, but I find such a mentality absolutely disgusting and shameful. I'm glad you enjoyed your game but don't try to pass your opinion the only valid one even though you're doing it passive aggressively.

axerated1707d ago

Um sorry if my reply to somebody else's comment offended you bro, I realise that this games getting battered but I'm not gonna be ashamed of the fact that I am so far enjoying. You'll notice my comment was in reply to somebody who said they were getting the game regardless so it's not like I'm randomly trying to brainwash people into trying out a game they have no interest in

sprinterboy1707d ago

About 1hr in so far and have to say its ok so far, yes its a little 2010/11 graphics wise and nothing new, been good playing it in the dark though, just dont expect a amazing game, I am certainly not playing a 5/6 out of 10 game so far according to alot of reviews, guess gamers have hyped yet another game for themselves. Imo dont go hyping up a game cause chances are you will be disapointed.

ThatEnglishDude1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

"After a small delay..."

Slight understatement, don't you think?