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Gamespot Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

The game is remarkably light on variety. A couple of battles masquerade as boss fights, but they require no strategy and are just as easy and thrill-less as the rest. The four- to five-hour campaign has no thrust to it; it feels the same from beginning to end, and the finale just drops with a thud. And by being so easy and predictable, the game lets down the license. There's little suspense, nothing to absorb you or spur your curiosity. Colonial Marines is tone-deaf to what makes the Alien franchise what it is--and what makes the best shooters so exciting. (Aliens: Colonial Marines, PS3, Xbox 360) 4.5/10

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GaySkull  +   778d ago
Ouch! that hurts, Charlie.
How about the Wii U version? They said it was the best.
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MasterCornholio  +   778d ago
Who cares if its the best version if the game itself is terrible.

So much for it being a system seller on the Wii U like some people were saying.

Damn what happened to the good old Alien games?

Motorola RAZR i
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sway_z  +   778d ago
The nearly 15 year old Atari Jaguar Aliens/Predator game is better than this effort!

Hand the series over to Monolith of Fear 1,2 fame...even Rebellion could do better..remember PS1 Aliens game?
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IAMERROR  +   778d ago
poor SEGA
I love these reviews, one gives it a 4.5 then the next review gives it a 8.5. I sure wish these guys could get there shit together. You can't trust any reviews when there that far apart, even without playing the game I still can't believe is a 4.5!
pr0digyZA  +   778d ago
ign gave it 4.5 (pc = 5.0)
gametrailers 5.9
destructoid 2.5
DigitalChumps 4.6
Gamespy 2/5
Lazygamer 4.9/10
Kotaku: "Should you play this game? NO"
Polygon 3/10

And I could go on...
Basically it looks like it is a bad game no varying opinions
Bathyj  +   778d ago
man, so disappointed. been waiting for this for so long, and havent loved an aliens game since aliens 3 on snes and alien trilogy on psone. had such high hopes.

i usually just ignore bad reviews if ive been wanting a game and go with my gut, but my guts saying pass this time. that, and im hungry.
Septic  +   778d ago
Yeah I feel your pain. I was tempted to bite the bullet regardless of the reviews but my gut says it'll just be a disappointment.

A wasted opportunity really.
Bathyj  +   778d ago
it was suppossed to launch this time last year and they delayed it. wtf have they been doing all this time?
Septic  +   778d ago
Lord knows....some bureaucracy at developers' office? The preview shown off a couple of weeks ago looked really weak as it is- I wondered then whether the developers were even aware of how mediocre the game looked at the time.
jagstar44  +   778d ago
Ergghhh, so much wasted potential, they have some of the original actors, access to work with people who worked on the film, really wish someone would do the aliens franchise justice

i was really hoping this would be incredible
zerocrossing  +   778d ago
I really wanted this game to be good but the Aliens animatations are glitchy and they seem very unimpossing, not at all like they were in the movies.

The AI is awful Ive had to restart chapters because my AI companion refused to move to the objective.

Ugh, you know I got half way through chapter 2 of Colonial Marines, paused, and turned it off. How did they manage to botch it so bad!?
BigStef71  +   778d ago
I know the reviews are really bad but so were the reviews for DNF and I thought that game was pretty fun. I'll eventually pick this up when it's cheap
SpartanGR  +   778d ago
I bought the game before the reviews. Silly me. 40$ down the drain
KING85  +   778d ago
I did the same with MOH: Warfighter. I've learned that in order to save my money i'll wait on reviews. This goes especially for single player games. Of course you can make up your mind for yourself, but who wants to throw away their hard earned money when you can get a much better game?
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SpartanGR  +   778d ago
U know i'm not afraid to buy a 6-7 game but when a game receive 2-3's then it can only mean one thing. The game sucks.
Ashunderfire86  +   778d ago
Sell to someone or trade it in at Gamestop and tell them this game is an atrocity.
Toman85  +   778d ago
One of the bloopers this year. I still want a good Aliens game. Now I must wait more for it, dammit!
Ashunderfire86  +   778d ago
What the Fuck just happen? Man gamers who got this game early were right, it just bad and dated. Randy Pitchford what happen man? I thought this was your dream project to work on? A dream project that was supposed to be a great sequel to the Alien films!!!! Man it is like a bad taste in my mouth. Absolutely horrible man!!! I have this crap on rental from Gamefly. Should of rented it on Redbox and send it back the next day.
Munnkyman  +   778d ago
Yeah that demo they been showing must have been faked because that looked way better the this

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