Top 10 Bromances in Video Game History

BT writes: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You know what that means, right? Romance is in the air! Unfortunately, this also means that the air will be filled with sadness and disappointment, so I have compiled a list of the most romantic relationships ever formed between two people with no sexual interest in one another. You’re welcome.

Rules: 1. One entry per franchise. 2. The two characters can’t actually be brothers, e.g. Mario & Luigi. 3. No inanimate object pairings, e.g. Chell & Companion Cube. 4. Entrants are disqualified if they are merely hiding their carnal love, e.g. the guys from Army of Two.

For the purposes of this article, the definition of “Bromance” is malleable to the needs of comedy. However, a scientific method was used to put the nominees in order. Specifically, bromantic intensity was measured by the number of gigabytes of slash fiction and yaoi fan art on the internet. It took a long time to research this piece. It was very hard. Really long and hard.

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Sandmano1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I see Sully more as a father figure then a brother since they met when Drake was pretty young

Snake and Otacon are #1 for me

TongkatAli1928d ago

Nathan and Sully have to be number one, lol.

Bathyj1928d ago

that picture never happened.

did it?

Pozzle1928d ago

Yep, it was in Uncharted 3.

Buuhan11928d ago

From Uncharted 3, yep. Nate did it jokingly, Sully jerked away after a second. It was a cute comedic moment.

Ultr1928d ago

there happend even more, you just did not see it
there you go pal


Bathyj1928d ago

ha. forgot that.

well drake and sully are both comfortable enough in their masculinity that they can do that.

Sandmano1928d ago

Well if Sully moved his hand away quickly hes obviously not comfortable with his masculinity :p

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plaZeHD1928d ago

Sully is more like a father.

BanBrother1928d ago

Nathan and Sully is the best. Felt so natural and funny. It felt very genuine.
That list was okay. I'd remove Marcus and Dom, as Baird and Cole was a better 'bromance' IMO.

I was thinking Nathan and Sully, Ezio and Leonardo, and Alan Wake and Barry Wheeler (love that one :-)

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