Square Enix Luminous Next-Gen Engine Shows What PS4/Xbox 720 Graphics Will Look Like

New screens show off the various effects that Square Enix's next-generation engine, Luminous, is capable off.

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Dwalls11711803d ago

Squarenix sucks now, all I want to see is kingdom hearts 3 dont show me anything else

3-4-51803d ago

With Next Gen, it's the little details that will be the most noticeable.

* Having more people on screen at same time while still being highly detailed

* More realistic lighting and animations

* More colors to use....more so different ways of using them really.

* More things happening at once.

* FPS games will become more challenging,...Better graphics makes it easier to hide amongst the highly detailed backgrounds.

* More detailed main characters will being us close to their world than ever before.

* Everything will be better, but not in the way you think it will

* This gen was about the big things, next is about the small details that are scattered everywhere.

Jason1431803d ago

can just say direct x 11 :)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

"FPS games will become more challenging"

doubt it.

But I would love to see next gen rpgs, horror games and batman.

Kevin ButIer1803d ago

I don't mind to keep current gen graphs if they add 60fps/1080p/bigger and more open worlds/smarter AI and bigger multiplayer options.

1803d ago
showtimefolks1803d ago

looks sweat so people still believe this could be achieved on the wii-u?

next gen starts with ps4 and next xbox just as this gen was between ps3-xbox360 for actual gamers

slapedurmomsace1803d ago


Your opinion is just that, an opinion. The Wii U is a next gen console. That's a fact by definition, but it's been months since people knew the Wii U CPU was just an upgraded Gamecube CPU, and it only has 1 gig of usable Ram for games, regardless of what the GPU may or may not be. To keep beating that dead horse that the Wii U isn't as powerful as systems that haven't even been officially announced serves what purpose? To get an empty 30 agrees on a website full of people you don't know? It really is a damn shame people can't enjoy these machines for what they are. The Wii U is the canvas that Miyamoto creates his art that millions love. The xbox really is a FPS/sports game machine. The controller is about perfect for those genres, and the PS3 is an all around machine that excels greatly at 3rd person/actions games, but does all genres fairly well, and has the widest array of exclusives.
As far as the this gen starting with the 360/PS3, you obviously don't remember those launches, cause if that's the case, this gen didn't start until a year or 2 after both of those machines were released because there was't but 3 games to play on them at first either. Gamers play on all platforms, not just what YOU like. I miss the days where friends would bring NES/SNES/Master systems/Genesis over to the friends house to play the games others couldn't, now every moron with an opinion/keyboard gets to continue the bull crap of dividing our community

DigitalSmoke1803d ago

This is one way to look at it.

Uncharted in a wide open free to move landscape is now possible to.

MaxXAttaxX1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I think it's about time we start getting characters with hair that doesn't look plastic or straw, especially on female characters.

And better animations too.

plaZeHD1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I think The Last Of Us has already perfected realistic animations and AI.

GuyThatPlaysGames1802d ago

@KevinButler . I have a Panasonic 60" with an extremely high refresh rate. It makes Battlefield 3 fun in what seems to be 60fps. All the games I play on it, it ups the framerate.

tubers1802d ago

Wish I could find the old article where carmack said there's gonna be a point of diminishing return with the graphics advancement.

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mochachino1803d ago

Square-Enix has published some of my favourite games this gen:

Sleeping Dogs
Dues Ex

sobekflakmonkey1803d ago

Dunno why anyone disagreed with you, Deus Ex:HR and Sleeping dogs are amazing games.

Simon_Brezhnev1803d ago

I liked Nier highly underated.

slapedurmomsace1803d ago

I love how people disagree. You must be lying, those weren't you favs, you forgot to mention uncharted, or infamous, or killzone..or...or..the last of us, or whatever game Sony hasn't announced yet that will be solid gold..maybe even agent.

DOMination-1803d ago

Its because people here still can't get over the multiplat FF even though the game would have sucked regardless (imo)

Those Eidos games have all even good with TR still to come. I really hope for a next gen Dues Ex remake. Probably my fondest game plus i think it myes sense to revisit it after the events of HR. I think the IP is in good hands, they can pull it off.

mechlord1803d ago

You cant really brag about them PUBLISHING something... they should have DEVELOPED a kindgom hearts game for the home consoles, that fateful VsXIII FF, some Dragon Quest.... yes, they put out Nier and some others, but still

The PS3 and the XBOX are amost 7 years old, how much games they have developed, for those consoles? thats the real issue.

MaxXAttaxX1802d ago

Square-Enix has published better games than they have developed this gen.

Don't be such a fanboy.

He never even mentioned FF. So your comments makes little sense.

slapedurmomsace1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

@nathanexplosion...for real man? You didn't notice that sarcasm that was dripping out of literally every single word? I was poking fun at the ps3 unpaid mascots that seems to have a 24 hour watch over the site.

MaxXAttaxX1802d ago

Yeah, you sure made that obvious.

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Qrphe1803d ago

Just the top of my head they gave us The Last Remnant (GENIUS game) and TWEWY (which I'm sure many will attest to its quality).

WitWolfy1803d ago

Dont know if your sarcastic about TLR.. That game was broken beyond belief... One thing is for sure, SE sure didnt know how to fully utilize the UNREAL engine without making the game lag as hell... Totally unplayable could only make it to Disc 2 and stopped playing thanks that exact problem!

Qrphe1803d ago

I've playing on PC, idk what kind of game they gave you on the 360 so I can't speak for it. The depth and level of deep strategy that the game requires is like not much I've ever played; one of SE's best games this last gen.

DOMination-1803d ago

I started playing TLR ages ago and it seemed to be a decent rpg with all the ingredients you'd come to expect including the customary bad voice acting!

I just couldn't understand the battle system though. It seemed way too complicated.

pr0digyZA1802d ago

"That game was broken beyond belief"

I think hes talking about the PC version, as that was like another game compared to the 360 version.

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bigrob9041803d ago

i know right, i swear if i don't hear about kingdom hearts 3 soon imma be pissed. they have been mediocre at best.

_-EDMIX-_1803d ago

Could not agree more. Square this gen pretty much was a huge snore.

All I want is FFXIII Versus and thats pretty much it.

Last gen was way, way, way better for Square.

Kingdom Hearts I and II, FFX, FFXI, FFXII etc. They did pretty good for themselves. This gen on the other hand.....ehhh don't get me started.

FFXIII is a really, really horrible game. Even with a deep install base (something FFX didn't have yet sold more copies) and selling on 2 sold crap (to FF standards) and FFXIII-2 sold even less then FFX-2...thats right people it is a fact that FFX-2 sold better.....X-2 (sits down exhausted)

Who doesn't want to see Kingdom Hearts 3? I mean at this point all we want is FFVersus and a damn port of FFX. I mean DAMN! So we want 1 game and a port of another game more then 10 years old? is Square doing right by the fans? This engine pretty much puts me to sleep for really one reason....LOOK WHOSE SHOWING IT! Get ready to maybe, probably not, most likely in 5 to 6 years to not care about 1 game...maybe. LOL. I mean this is why no one really cares, the whole "oh WHAT IF FF looks like that"....and. We won't get in a reasonable time frame...for gods sake we are waiting for FFXIII VERSUS! I mean DAMN! So we are waiting for you to finish a game this gen (that was shown all the way in 2006) and yet we should have faith that you can finish this game?

Wait...its not even a game, its a tech demo. I'm sorry but Square has a whole lot to lose this gen.

I got Persona 3, I'm rebuying Persona 1 and 2 off PSN and waiting for Persona 4, I own more Level 5 and Atlus RPG's this gen then Square's......I own none. (FF VERSUS hasn't come out yet LOL) I'm sorry but Atlus is my RPG publisher of choice, Persona 5 is something to look forward to MORE then any FF game cause it will actually BE an RPG and release while we are still living.

)I was in highschool when they showed FFXIII Versus, I'm not in my last semester of collage and engaged, shit I didn't even meet my girlfriend when that game was even announced)

Its one thing to take a long time, its another to sell less then any debuting FF game in the last 15 years. Sorry but Square is really lost it. I think they suck when I just want a single game for a WHOLE gen.

imdaboss11803d ago

I hope they take advantage of the PS4 hardwares since rumor is going around saying its more powerful then the next xbox

Mounce1802d ago

@Dwalls1171 You suck now, all I want to see is you not speaking, don't show me anything else.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1803d ago

Except they clearly demonstrated that they've no development talent this gen.

wishingW3L1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

240fps 8k 4D

RememberThe3571802d ago

lol people took your comment seriously. Jesus, this place gets worse every f*ckin day.

CrimsonFox131802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I think people taking that comment seriously is the least you have to worry about when it comes to the quality of the comments on this site.

Abysmal, it's like the average age of the users here is 15.

Sam Fisher1802d ago

Couldn't have said it any better, and 15 yrs of age at this time is really saying 8 yrs of age, by the way last time i seen the word "Abysmal" was looking at a review (from here mind you) of a game called "drake of the 99 dragons". Wow there were really bad games back in the day.

mechlord1803d ago

well....i would still prefer 30fps 1080p no 3d FFVsXIII :(

1803d ago

except that square is actually publishing/distributing games these days.
games like sleeping dogs, just cause 2, tomb raider reboot, hitman absolution... im sure none of those franchises could possibly benefit from a nice new engine. oh and they just registered domains for a new legacy of kain/soul reaver site.

Stedron1803d ago

Too bad I don't want those games. To me SE = RPGs always has and they have fail on that front big time

kalkano1803d ago

I agree, but it seems that the company itself disagrees. That's why Final Fantasy itself is moving away from being an RPG. That's also why I'm moving away from Square-Enix...

JP13691803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Another Legacy of Kain? I'm in.

Edit: Another one of those articles in which some angry little man is handing out disagrees to people that like a game. Whatever, Legacy of Kain is beast!

Sam Fisher1802d ago

Lok is a monster of game, that i do agree. I am just really afraid what S.E. has in store for it, they might strip the essence of what makes legacy of kain what it is, today in age, remaking/rebooting games is either a make or break, lately it has been for the worst, and S.E. is not (how should i say this...) in their right state of mind to touch a masterpiece.