Remember Me – Living in an electronically manipulated world

MWEB GameZone takes a look at Remember Me from Capcom

It looks to be a game that will pierce gamers’ imagination by displaying a world that is futuristic, yet imaginable. A world where the most valuable commodity is thought, where privacy is not a right but an item on sale and where freedom is but an illusion. The game holds the promise of being not only a smashing first-person action game, but also a game that will lay bare the underbelly of the ‘connected age’, the age we are being hurdled at with an alarming speed.

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Choc_Salties1930d ago

I can't help but think that even as we gain the technology to connect with one another more, that we begin to lose something of ourselves. We drive closer and closer to this, where at the end of the day, one of the things I desire most is to be disconnected, just to be communicate with my loved ones in the way i choose, and preferably face-2-face, or if not, just to enjoy some silence.

HanCilliers1930d ago

I am conflicted abt it, what you saying is true...on the one hand, on the other hannd, I've formed closer relationships with some of my online friends than I have with IRL friends

DesVader1930d ago

Does anyone know what it felt like to be unreachable anymore? When your cellphone beeps, you feel the urge to check mail...even at night. Whatsapp messages, sms, email, skype...we're available 24/7 or rather we're expected to be available 24/7. That's the scary side, on the other hand, its nice to have opportunities to reach out to family and friends that are far flung. You take the good with the bad. I'm going to play this game for a taste of the future :D

HanCilliers1930d ago

Wow, well said Des, that's an element that's so relevant, and something that will increase more and more

schmoe1930d ago

I still want my bio-port ala existenz :-)

HanCilliers1930d ago

Looks gross but hell yes!

PandaMcBearface1930d ago

This game looks very very interesting to me. I watched a documentary about a man (he was a trend analyst I think) who none of his family lived past the average age of 60. He said that we would be able to download/upload (whichever) our brains onto PCs by 2015. Anyway, my slightly unrelated point is that I think people want that sort of stuff because they are afraid to die.

lord zaid1930d ago

I believe you are correct.

If immortality is an achievable concept, my guess is that digitisation is the most plausible way to do it.

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