Can Gearbox handle another disaster?

The review embargo for Aliens: Colonia Marines drops later today but a few unscrupulous (or uninformed) sites have dropped their reviews already and it really isn’t looking good for this title.

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ElleGee1807d ago

Beyond Borderlands and BiA, Gearbox hasn;t really done anything of note. In the past, they did some pretty decent stuff with Half Life..but I think their "prestige" right now rests entirely on Borderlands' success.

DOMination-1807d ago

Even Hells Highway was a shoddy game. I know they probably have multiple teams but they've released quite a lot this gen, and for an independent studio that may take its toll on quality. The same thing with Insomniac too imo.

But this game was announced in 2006/07.. They didn't even start developing it until years after. Clearly a mistake that Im sure they'll learn from.

EVILDEAD3601806d ago

Dice only did the multiplayer for Metal of Honor and was fine when BF3 was released.

Gearbox did the Aliens multi and they will be fine when a full game that they developed is released.


SilentNegotiator1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )


Don't eat up rumors. It's bad for the brain.

ApolloTheBoss1807d ago

They should just stick to making original stuff. Because for some reason they can't handle other franchises.

jaklink1807d ago

I honestly thought that Gearbox rose above and redeemed themselves with Borderlands 2 after that train wreck that was Duke Nukem Forever. Unfortunately, it seems that they try to work on too many projects at once, which causes projects like Aliens to be subject to less-talented outsourcing developers. At the end of the day, they are putting their name on the game and after six years of development, it's inexcusable that they couldn't pry together some resources to make this game a true AAA title.

Donnieboi1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Can't these guys ever try to make anything else other than shooter's? Have they no idea how crowded that market is? Every new FPS ip has an increasing chance of failure due to oversaturation of FPS's (not to mention lack of brand recognition when it's also a new IP). If they want to stand out, try making a game in a genre that is sorely missed (worked for ni no kuni).

FlyingFoxy1807d ago

That's what the problem with the 360 is, too many generic FPS games.

if you want good shooters you need to have a decent PC.

humbleopinion1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

"Beyond Bordarlands and BiA"!? These are basically their two titles, and both have been good.
They didn't really make anything beyond these series (2 borderlands and 1 BiA) this gen because DNF wasn't their project in the first place and Aliens was outsourced to timegate.

Still, 3 titles with good reviews and good sales (both sales and reviews improved from title to title) is a good output for an independent studio. Borderlands 2 sold over 6 million copies so I'm pretty sure they can handle another disaster or two or five...

@FlyingFoxy above?
Too many generic FPS games on the 360!? If you want good shooters you need to have a decent PC!? you definitely are flying...
Practically 90% of the FPS titles are shared between PC, 360 and PS3 so your comment doesn't really make any sense.
On top of that the PS3 has Resistance and MAG and SOCOM and Killzone (and on the other hand is missing on 360-PC games such as Metro and L4D), the 360 has Halo and Perfect Dark, and the PC has some small scale experimental games such as shattered horizons and natural selection and a boatload of F2P games.

So In terms of actual numbers, the 360 has less FPS franchises than both the PS3 and the PC (and they are definitely less generic). It just that one of these franchises is so dominant and highly reviewed and popular that it solely makes the 360 the de-facto platform for people who love FPS games.

Linsolv1807d ago

That's kinda the criticism. If you want something markedly different from CoD/Halo (Resistance is Cod 5 with aliens and I won't hear otherwise; MAG is CoD with lots of people) or 3rd-person-CoD (the most recent SOCOM), you have to look at Arma for simulationistic realism, or Quake Live for a strong professional presence and a different take on fast-paced arena gameplay, or TF2 for team-based action (don't tell me 'TF2 is on consoles,' because TF2 from five years ago is on consoles--The changes are drastic), or any of the many exclusives that are particularly well-regarded by people other than IGN.

humbleopinion1805d ago

Perhaps the version of TF2 on consoles is from five years ago, but MNC (although 3rd person) is also on consoles and offers something similar, as well as many other game modes for popular games which offer pretty similar core functionality to classic TF2.
And after all, even the new co-op TF2 mode is just another take on the Gears of War horde mode available in countless other games...

The same applies for Quake Live alternatives such from UT to Nexuiz (in case you're looking for a fast paced arena shooter). The last thing you can say about Quake Live is that it's unique since the concept is almost as old as FPSes are.

And ARMA just spanned from Operation Flashpoint (the original from the same developers), and the new Operation Flashpoint games are available on consoles.

You pretty much proved my point which was the opposite of the prior criticism from FlyingFoxy: there are actually many more FPSes on the PC, but there is nothing really unique about them that you can't get on consoles.

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Darranged1807d ago

Make a new Duke Nukem already! With more poo-flinging!

YolandaGreen1807d ago

Stick to what you're good at :)

Always having an excuse that you weren't entirely responsible for the development won't last long.

first1NFANTRY1807d ago

I wonder if this is why we never got a demo to try out...makes you think

BanBrother1807d ago

So if the game got positive reviews, they made it. If not, they didn't. Pretty nice deal there.

I never actual,y like BIA tbh, thought they sucked. Borderlands was great, and I'll definitely get this game. Duke Nukem wasn't made by them anyway, yet they got all the blame lol.

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