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Nimblest-Assassin1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Hey.. whatever they need to polish the game

We still have no idea what the MP for this game is... it might make room for a beta/demo

Also a nice bit of room for me

Since Im getting MGR, Bioshock Infinite, Injustice, God of war... so yeah a nice break so I can have something to play over the summer

And the delay is not as bad as Bioshock Infinite.... I want that game so bad

Gaming1011930d ago

Quietly delayed? Let's just say if they don't make an announcement, there's going to be a lot of pissed gamers in line at midnight for nothing lol

Septic1930d ago

Let ND take their time. A game this promising does not need to be rushed. As agonising as the wait is, the final product will be all the better for it.

Still....the wait is excruciating.

Mykky1930d ago

My exam is around the 18th may so for me I think it is for the best. It's only a month though but I get the disappointment.

1930d ago
TacoTaru1929d ago

Don't hit me but ... maybe like RayMan they're delaying the it so it can release on all platforms at the same time? First thing that popped into my head when I read the headline.

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TheGamerDood1930d ago

I'll wait until ND or Sony confirms. I'll be f'ing pissed if they do.

Hellsvacancy1930d ago

So will I, May 7th is birthday, The Last Of Us was going to be my gift to my awesome self, I probably would of wrapped it aswel

Please dont let this be true OR only be true for the US, not EU

Jazz41081929d ago

This game will not be big enough here in las vegss to do a midnight at any of gamestops 45 locations. Gamestop is cutting back and even deadspace three which is multi didnt make the cut.

DigitalAnalog1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Probably they're trying to resolve the "listen" feature which is the ONLY negative aspect that is being noted by both the media and comments. Something ND is very aware of. Almost unanimously everyone agrees that it kills whatever immersion the game tries to set up. Not to mention the split opinions on HUD. I guess was it deeply implemented into the code and it would take a lot of time to redesign the concept.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1930d ago

Zombie Uncharted delayed! Just like GTA 5. Making people wait for the goods.

DigitalSmoke1929d ago

You're off the mark there sonny.

IAmLee1930d ago

someone, somewhere is breaking my heart right now D;

harrisk9541930d ago

Amazon still has May 7th as the release date.

aquamala1930d ago

The Last of Us is no longer a ps3 exclusive, the ps3 version is done but delayed so the game can go multi platform.

like Rayman Legends

just kidding...

Knight_Crawler1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

You MIGHT be right about the multiplatform thing...I am thinking PS3 and PS4.

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LOGICWINS1930d ago

Makes sense. Sony wants to distance their exclusives away from each other. Ascension needs breathing room to sell, so does The Last of Us.

classic2001930d ago

I dont like the idea of delaying it near to the mad pit call E3.

joab7771930d ago

I have beem hoping for a good summer game for so long!

It makes sense. Microsoft will use E3 to announce. This will take some of that away and remind ppl how commited Sony is to games. Also, GoW needs room to shine and GTA5 has made it possible to make money in June this year. I cant wait. Its uniqueness may be pseudo launching point for Sony's next gen console and trajectory.

GribbleGrunger1930d ago

Perhaps the price drop for the Vita and Ps3 will come in June.

mn211930d ago

i highly doubt ascension is the reason for the delay. sony couldnt have just looked at the calendar and realize the two release dates.

polishing up the game/multiplayer is the more likely situation.

LOGICWINS1930d ago

Maybe ND planned the beta for April(Can't be in March since thats God of War's month) and wanted more time to fix any issues people may have with it before the release of the full version..

andibandit1930d ago

It makes no sense, the gaming scene will be flooded with Xbox720 articles and other E3 news, this game will drown.

Donnieboi1930d ago Show
JANF1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Donnieboi comment has to be the worst fanboy comment I've hear in a while. I cant believe there are people so blinded by a console.

I'm looking forward for the X720 and guess what i will be buying TLOU first day also.

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Mystickay861930d ago

Dang. So I guess this is legit. Urge to kill...rising.

Just kidding ;P. Bioshock Infinite/GoW/Storm 3 will keep me busy.

Conzul1930d ago

Now I'll have time to play those and maybe Fuse.

supersonicjerry1930d ago

They been said it was coming out june 18.

mrprice331930d ago

Not according to almost every other retailer, and this: and this:

PockyKing1930d ago

Original date was May 18

JP13691930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Not to be too much of a stickler, but the original date was May 7th. If true, this would be a 6 week delay.

Edit: Best Buy and Amazon are still showing the original release date. In the case of a delay, does anyone know what the gap usually is between the time pre-order customers are notified and when the info is altered on site?

PockyKing1930d ago

Yea your right haha, too many dates ugh.

IWentBrokeForGaming1930d ago

Damn, my birthday is May 20th... was really hoping to be enjoying this on my bday! Im disappointed... but ND are my most fav. devs this gen. I can rest assured I'll be playing a quality product when all is said/done!

JP13691930d ago

Now you can just use that birthday money to take a couple days off work to enjoy the game ;)

IWentBrokeForGaming1930d ago

haha you are damn clever my friend!... saddly being the manager and only person that does my job, I feel paranoid of not being at work for the sole reason other people will leave it in shambles for me when I get back lol.

I work a lot which is sad, but at the same time I just try to appreciate the fact I do have a job/money when most people would be so fortunate to be in my position. I definatley feel blessed!

Sorry off subject lol. If I can break away from work decent enough... I'll take you up on your idea for sure!

Bathyj1930d ago

Theres two reasons the Boss is scared to have time off work.

First the business might come crumbling down, unable to function and go bankrupt without him.

The second is, it might not.