Top 7… Greatest love stories in gaming

We love games, and most of the time they love us back. But games that actually tell a great love story? Those are as rare as The One. Most of what we see involves either the romance of a damsel in distress or the bromance of space marines bonding over a pile of bullet-riddled alien corpses. But occasionally a game creates such a special link between two characters that their romance lingers with us.

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GaySkull2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Its a pity the love triangle between Nate, Elena and Chloe was gone in Uncharted 3 and they killed Harry "Incoming" Flynn. They will surely be missed. What was Naughty dog thinking?

But don't get me wrong Uncharted 3 more than made up for its excellent graphics, character design and fully procedural water system.

Root2011d ago

The love triange wouldn't really work stretched over a number of games, you knew by the end Elena was the best choice for Drake

However John and Abi.....Bonnie and John were more of a couple in RDR. I wish Abi died so he could of formed a relationship with her.

TheLyonKing2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Rhinoa and Squall? Sora and Kairi?

Tidus and Yuna was good but not as good as those two.

Both were great told love stories :)

TongkatAli2012d ago

How bout Zidane and Garnet.

TheLyonKing2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I forgot about them that was a great love story as well

Though vivi marrying Quina was very touching ;)

sashimi2011d ago

hey hey hey don't you mean Zidane & Dagger! :P

Irishguy952012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Tidus and Yuna were miles better than Sora and that robot Kairi, seriously that 'love' side of the story was not that great...mostly due to Kairi. And Rinoa and Close but not as good.

shivvy242012d ago

greatest love = Jak and Keira

TheOneEyedHound2012d ago

I loved the Cloud & Aries love story.
The Uncharted Elena & Drake love story was great to.
And my favorite The Boss and big boss/Naked Snake/John/Vic Voss.

animegamingnerd2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

really the boss and big boss? to me it felt like a mother and son relationship

Heisenburger2012d ago

I definitely agree with you when it comes to the maternal/romantic relationship between The Boss and Naked Snake.

Such a tragic story... :/

TheOneEyedHound2011d ago

Here's hoping for a prequel to MGS3, The Boss and her Cobra unit.

coolasj2012d ago

Everyone needs to play To The Moon. It's #1 spot is well deserved.

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