A Price Cut Will Lead to More Vita Support

GenGAME Writes: The Vita may not be selling well at the one year mark in its life, but there’s definitely interest in the system. A recent Famitsu poll indicates that Japanese gamers are more interested in buying a Vita than any other system in 2013. So how does Sony transform that potential into sales?

For most, the debate comes down to two options: a price cut or more “must have” games. In time, we’ll see both of these come to pass on the Vita, but which one does the system need more? In a way, the two are connected. It’s true that nothing sells hardware quite like good software, but a price cut is just the jumpstart that the Vita needs to build up its software library.

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legendoflex1769d ago

It could use an aggressive price cut alongside the next round of major first-party titles. I wonder if they're planning to reveal a price drop at PlayStation 2013? Give the little handheld a kind of re-launch in a sense, kind of like the DS Lite, but maybe a less significant hardware iteration/brand upgrade.

Erimgard1769d ago

If not by PlayStation 2013, you'd think they'd say something by the time E3 rolls around. They've still been avoiding the price cut question in recent interviews.

DarkBlood1769d ago

maybe they are trying to save hype or whatever the word is for the event or E3 instead of having it leak all over the net

probably dont want people waiting to get a vita if they knew a price cut was coming

Thirty3Three1769d ago

It probably would, but let's get something straight.

The device does NOT need a price cut. Everyone thought it'd price from 400-600 dollars (USA) prior to its official pricing announcement.

We were all blown away when we saw the insanely cheap "$250" pricetag.

SO those who are saying this device is way overpriced are stupid. And really greedy.

The PSP started out at that same price, and nobody complained. We thought that was the right pricing, while we thought that the Vita's 250 pricetag was insanely cheap.

Now I do agree on one thing:

The memory sticks need a drastic price drop.

If you don't have enough money at some point in your life to fork over 250 dollars for a vita, then you should really look into grabbing some welfare...

kma2k1769d ago

i cant speak for everyone but i know a large ammount of people myself included have some will power & insist they will not buy a new console be it home or handheld until the first price drop. Thats how i did it with ps2 & ps3 & depending on the ps4 launch price i might do the same again.

My interest in the vita is for my son & to be honest he is content with our nexus 7 & tablet games, we have a psp that he used to play every day but since we got our tablet he rarely ever touches his psp. I originally held off on the vita for the price drop but now i might just skip it all together the vita has some stiff competition & its no just the 3ds!

Soldierone1769d ago

Thats one thing I noticed. If the Vita released at 400 and got a price cut to 250, people would be gobbling it up. A price cut is just expected at this point, so companies are better off releasing it at an overpriced point, then cutting it.

Veneno1769d ago

Right now Vita is at the same situation that PS3 was at in 2008. It was more expsensive and it either needed a price drop or a killer app. And that Killer app was Metal Gear solid 4. It was seen as the ps3s "savior". Sony didn't drop the price until the next year. As of now there hasnt been a string of major title releases, so therefore I thinkmwe wont see a price drop until holiday 2013 or early 2014.

InMyOpinion1769d ago

I don't think the price itself is the problem. It's a very capable machine. The problem is it needs more unique gaming experiences. Games that you need a PS Vita to experience. The best thing it's getting now is ports of PS3 IP's, which if you aren't a huge fan is a bit same same.

TongkatAli1769d ago

You can look at the ones that aren't PS3 ports.

InMyOpinion1769d ago

Which ones are those? That are currently out?

Gravity rush looks cool but not something I think people would buy a Vita to play. Soul Sacrifice looks very promising but it isn't out yet.

Seraphim1769d ago

the price is definitely a problem. We're in a time where people just don't have funds to spend. They're too busy paying off all those credit cards, their houses, cars, etc. Uncle Sam is raping us every 2 weeks and we're scraping by just to live a comfortably broke life. Even w/ the PS3 at it's current price it's barely touched the install base it should. Because of price. $100 and parents would be scooping these up for their kids. Gamers who have content or a reason to own one would.... That's certainly not going to happen but dropping the price will help push Vita. Not sure what the sales figures look like for Black Friday/December but that $200 deal had to have moved quite a few Vitas.

Personally I had planned on buying one right away but between not seeing a need and having other priorities I passed. I just don't have a need for a handheld and for years my PSP predominately collected dust year in and year out since launch day. Even @ Christmas I really didn't have the cash to burn but when I saw the Vita priced at $180 [Amazon] for the AC bundle along w/ 3 months PS+ & Playstation All Stars I had to bite. Now that I own one I definitely see a lack of software and anyone who researchers the purchase will see that as well. Sure there's some great games out there along w/ a few great cross buy titles that offers great incentive to PS3 owners. So i'm knocking the Vita, I love it but at a time when people don't have $ to burn price alone definitely isn't going to cut it. Fair or not, reasonable or not the fact is the Vita definitely needs to see a friendlier price in these tight times. It really needs to see a push in software as well.

TongkatAli1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Gravity Rush is really good and there is no game like it. For a gamer it should be a system seller.

Persona 4 Golden is a good one, awesome JRPG with amazing writing. Its a port of the PS2 game, but it looks prettier and has so many extras that make it feel like the "real Persona 4".

Dj Max Technika Tune is another, very addicting and has sooo much swag. I'm an American born redneck so i take great pride in the love i have for that game. Its so different from the games i usually play and its a breath of fresh air.

Escape Plan is another, puzzle survival with a lot of charm. My friend got his sister addicted to that game.

I got a lot of games for the Vita and its a year old. Its doing a very good job for me.

Veneno1769d ago

Dj max looks good, but damn is it expensive! 40 bucks? For real?

kma2k1769d ago

depending on the ps4 launch price the vita might need a price drop to justify the ps4 price that might be what sony is waiting for.

wishingW3L1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

a price cut would only lead Sony to leak even more money since they are already selling the system at a loss. For them to recoup some of that after the cut the system would have to start selling lots and lots of software and who can guarantee that that would happen?

If the price-cut only increases the sales for a while and then starts selling at the same or maybe a slightly faster pace things are only gonna get worse than they already are.

Erimgard1769d ago

They aren't necessarily selling the system at a loss. Sony President Kaz Harai said it would take about three years for the Vita to make a profit, not necessarily that it would take three years for the hardware to sell at a gain.

So, total debt from hardware losses, marketing costs, etc, is expected by Kaz to be made up by total gains in three years.

We don't know if that prediction included a price cut or not. He may very well have calculated a price drop in with his three year plan to profitability.

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