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Madden 13 Comparison Wii U Vs Xbox 360

VGU.TV's James Pungello takes a look at the Wii U and Xbox 360 versions of the game Madden 13. (Madden 13, Wii U, Xbox 360)

aceitman  +   514d ago
y compare they use 2 different engines.
thatzacdavis  +   514d ago
That's exactly why.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   514d ago
A plus about 360 is that Im gauranteed to play 2 player on day 1... the wait for a 2ndary tablet controller for my Wii U is getting rediculous!
pungello88  +   514d ago
Is it going to be compatible even when that comes out? I think you can play with the Wii remote and nunchuck for a second player but I haven't tried it.
hduce  +   514d ago
Or... Why not use the pro controller?
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   514d ago
Just saying in my opinion I feel that was a horrible choice by Nintendo using last gen controllers to convert to a "next gen" console for controllers... I personally find it as a cheap move/cop out...

that and also the remote/nunchuck combo always kills my wrists because of the unweighted balance of having to hold 2 seperate controllers insted of 1. Thus why I never finished a few of the original Wii's good titles.
PopRocks359  +   514d ago
Pro controller grants you a second player. The gamepad can even use the controller screen for split-screen gameplay, ala Black Ops 2.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   514d ago
I honestly wish Nintendo would've bundled the Pro Controller in with the console. I think it would've justified their price range more!
PopRocks359  +   514d ago

I think I saw something about a ZombiU bundle that comes with a Pro controller. You could probably see if that floats your boat.

It's a nice controller. I'll probably use it a lot for fighting games and multiplats (assuming the Wii U gets anymore of them).
Realplaya  +   514d ago
Why not use the pro controller?
on ps3 and 360 you use regular controllers.
SilentNegotiator  +   514d ago
Why not Zoidberg?

Because only one player gets the benefits of playing on the Wii U, for one.
blue_flowers  +   514d ago
still looks like crap, how is is a sports game similar in concept to a racing game not look visually impressive. NBA 2k games and MLB The Show both do it. why is it that EA games fail to impress every iteration?
theWB27  +   514d ago
2k and especially The Show don't have to account for 24 players constantly trying to mimick player interaction. The Show doesn't have nearly the amount of animations as does football with NO player interaction.

Just until last year The Show still had players running through each other instead of contact. Then you take into account the stadiums football has to recreate which 2K doesn't have to worry about nearly as much.

I don't largely understand the racing part of your comment..cause racing is in no way similar to baseball, bball or football.
blue_flowers  +   514d ago
your clearly missing my point entirely lol. im not going to explain in depth if you dont understand what im implying. all titles i mentioned are sports simulation, either rendering cloth, car damage, real time physics, crowd rendering, animation, in some cases facial animation. if you are honestly going to say a game like NBA 2k13 is doing less work then Madden 13, your crazy. clearly you havent played the current iteration of NBA 2k..that game rendaers a ton of detail on screen, while convincingly showing the trademark animation of many major players, real time physics, cloth animation, facial detail, and on the fly defense/offense. to say madden does more is just a lie. madden is a slight upgrade with little reason to convince anyone who isnt a follower of the series to ever buy a newer version of the game. and the racing part was thrown in to say that even mid level racing games are handling a lot when it comes to information like damage, physics, ai, crowd, car performance and power control, custom tweaks to how a car may handle from the stock version, and they manage to look good, yet madden has an excuse it can't? please save the bullshit for someone else, pleae dont try and defend madden haha.
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theWB27  +   514d ago
Clearly there are people who, no matter what, will say that a game is doing less because they simply don't like it. I havent't owned Madden in quite a few years, while Im in my 5th year of myplayer on 2K13. I understand the hate EA has and it makes people not see objectively.

2K13 does NOT have real time physics. There are MANY instances where canned animations play regardless of how your player drove the lane. They even play out when there isn't a defender by you. 2K has always been animation driven, and great at it. Don't make it out to be something it's clearly not.

Madden has more players, closer to real time physics and player likeness and facial animation. Of course it won't on par with a basketball game where we see their faces. BTW Live usually had better player likeness than 2K. It was a big complaint for awhile until they've recently got their act together.

Madden has to build bigger stadiums with MUCH LARGER draw distances. Along with getting those 22 players to try and mimick a real play on offense and defense. Just because you dont like Madden, it doesnt make you look any smarter claiming it isnt doing much.

Race car games have their limit on what they can mimic also. Really, you throw the crowd into the mix? Only a few games actually try and make cars handle as they do in real life. GT and Forza on consoles. Those are the only simulation racing on consoles. Even they take shortcuts with track layout accuracy, day night transition and weather. Despite what many say...GT didn't handle those well in most repsects. The crowds NEVER look good in racing games. And wahy would they driving 150 mph. Neither GT nor Forza had a damage system worth writing home about. Other racing games are arcade/simulation hybrids.

So there's my explanation, sorry for not saving the bullshit for someone else. All you sound like is someone who doesnt like Madden and biased. Oh...thanks for not throwing baseball into the mix...nullified most of your argument.
xxLuckyStrike  +   514d ago
Because every iteration from EA sports is a minor tweak from the last. Something EA has done all gen long. Madden 14 thru 18 are already finished. Wish someone would call them out
DivineAssault  +   514d ago
This is getting silly now.. Theres no point in comparing wii u multiplats anymore

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