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Metal Gear Rising producer clarifies clear time, game is longer than you think

GE: "Some folks have already managed to get their hands on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Moreover, there's at least one gamer who has already completed the campaign and uploaded his/her game results screen online." (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Batzi  +   654d ago
damn the internet..
LOGICWINS  +   654d ago
The internet is what keeps publishers/devs/companies/poli ticians on their toes. Its so easy to get information these days.

If gamers get even the slightest whiff that something is off..then they will make sure their voice is heard. If it wasn't for the internet, Cole would have had hair in Infamous 2 and Kratos wouldn't be in MK9.

If it wasn't for the Internet, we wouldn't know about how Obama's drone strikes have been killing innocents or that Romney bullied gay kids in prep school.

We use the internet to read reviews that help us determine what products we buy, what restuarants/bars we go to, which doctors we go to etc.

Don't care what anyone says, the Internet has done more good than harm.

If theres misinformation out there, then its up to the devs/publisher to clear up that misinformation. We're spending SIXTY DOLLARS on games these days. Devs/publishers should CONSTANTLY be trying to give us the right information...just like the one in this article is doing.
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Nimblest-Assassin  +   654d ago
Dude... we are talking about a video games clear time... simmer down a bit... he was joking

I mean hack and slash games tend to be 5-10 ish hours long, its replay ability that adds value

Im picking up revengeance day 1

Hell today I learned that you can dodge in this game
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LOGICWINS  +   654d ago
Joke or not(frankly I don't care), I said what I needed to say.
Omar91  +   654d ago

you can dodge in Rising?! seriously? I tried in the demo and never found out how
LOGICWINS  +   654d ago
There are MANY things you can do in Rising that the demo doesn't really explain too well.

-Force push(quickly flicking L3 left to right)

-Stealth kills(you can also stealth kill mechs)

-Dodging(I knew about dodging, but just yesterday I learned that you can use it to dodge Bladewolf's super attack)Dodge is X + Square.

-Apparently you can juggle enemies too. Haven't figured out how to do that yet.
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MoveTheGlow  +   653d ago
It's up to users to share info, I agree, but it's up to journalists to investigate and expand upon that initial info if need be. As it happened in this case, for instance - those were high scores, and it's pretty much confirmed at this point that this is a high-score kind of game, which makes me undue kinds of excited about it. So yes, I agree, this article is doing just that!

"If it wasn't for the Internet, we wouldn't know about how Obama's drone strikes have been killing innocents or that Romney bullied gay kids in prep school."

Nope. Even if we only had paper, that news would be on old-time broadsides, distributed on the streets and on college campuses, and the publishers would make a killing. Publishers would know via telegraph, carrier pigeon, whatever technologies you want to include or disclude when you get rid of the Net as it is.
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Godchild1020  +   654d ago
This will be the first Platinum Games title, I will support day one.
Batzi  +   654d ago
It's P* + Kojima Productions
Godchild1020  +   654d ago
I know. But that doesn't change the fact it will be the first Platinum Games title I buy day one. I bought Kojima Production's titles day one before, hence why they weren't mention in my original post.

Not trying to come off arrogant or anything.
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Batzi  +   654d ago
Don't worry :P Just making sure you knew :P
GaySkull  +   654d ago
that makes it doubly awesome!
showtimefolks  +   654d ago
P-Games one thing but what I am excited about is the fact Kojima productions taking care of story aspects. So we know the story will be good and coming from P games combat should be good too
Godchild1020  +   654d ago
Its like getting the best of both worlds.
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franwex  +   654d ago
First Platinum Games I supported day one was Vanquished! I loved the demo that much!
scofios  +   654d ago
Vanquish is platinum but created by Shinji Mikami father of the real resident evil.
yami930  +   654d ago
Just like LOGICWINS said devs / publishers should constantly be trying to give us the right information and I'm glad Platinum is trying to tell people themselves the game is longer than the stats chart shows it to be, because sometimes people dont take the time to think about anything they read, they just read / see something and automatically take it as truth negative or not and either set themselves up for disappointment or mistake something for being worse than it actually may be. I'm sure Metal Gear Rising is going to be a great game, have a good length to it and very good amount of replayability which satisfies me.
LOGICWINS  +   654d ago
I'll buy it along with with Ascension. It should be $30 or $40 by then.
Genuine-User  +   654d ago
It won't. The time between the release of Rising and Ascension is less than a month.
LOGICWINS  +   654d ago
Well either way, I'm getting it lol.
admiralvic  +   654d ago
You realize that you're doing the EXACT same thing right?

For starters, a good portion of comments towards the image mentioned they either skipped cutscenes or they weren't included in the total. Now that this has been confirmed, it means the game will take longer to beat, but no clue how much longer. If we go off past Metal Gear game, then we could VERY easily see 5+ hours of cutscenes. However if we go off Platinum Games history, we might be looking at an hour of two of cutscenes. The simple fact is that we don't know.

We also know the game only tracks your fastest clear time, but looking at the persons 59 deaths, its hard to tell what happened. On one hand it's completely possible that they rushed every situation and died, but it's also possible that they're just simply awful at the game. In either case we yet again don't really know...

These tweets do nothing but clarify the information, which is great, but doesn't really explain much. While I don't personally mind the length (because PG typically makes good games), I suggest anyone that isn't sure to wait till others confirm their clear times.
BanBrother  +   654d ago
Lol same things happens with a lot of games. Halo 4 didn't count the cut-scene times in the total time played either. You'd think people would have figured that out, but imstead think they are some super gamer who beats everything'in 2 seconds lol.

The game looks pretty cool so far. I love cut-scenes anyway, which means I'm in the minority sadly.
franwex  +   654d ago
I'm not sure why the developer thinks this is bad press. That's a pretty reasonable time for the first time through. I'm sure the game is meant to be played over again too due to the rating system given out at the end.
jetlian  +   654d ago
you got people like logicwins who make a stink about it and is now trying to play it off when made to look the fool. "Ooh the internet does more good than bad."

its normal game time for this type of game.
Heisenburger  +   654d ago
" Metal Gear Rising producer clarifies clear time..."

Yet here I sit still wondering how long this game is.

My definition of "clarification" must be different.

Oh well...

Que Sera, Sera.
So with cutscenes thats about 7 hours of total game time.

And if the guy that posted that screen only played each chapter once, ie thats his slowest time, then 5 hours is still very short.

And he confirmed thats the end game screen.

He also bashes us 'western' people.

Damage control. Short game is short.
Heisenburger  +   654d ago
I don't like you.

Please keep away from us.
Typical PR. He knows the game is doomed now so he desperately tries to tell people bullshit to help save what little sales are still left. The cutscenes isn't a good excuse anyway considering the story will be just as mediocre and irrelevant as the game itself.
oriononer  +   654d ago
Hahahaha!!! Oh man, too good. This guy.
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TemplarDante  +   654d ago
@ My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante
Firstly, MGR will break a million sales. Something DmC cant/couldnt do, even if they gave it for free.
Secondly, you have an ugly picture.
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Blacktric  +   654d ago
"Secondly, you have an ugly picture."

You just don't like it because his hair isn't white.

And yes that was sarcasm.
smashman98  +   654d ago
Dmc has broken a million
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Gohadouken  +   653d ago
It didnt get a million yet . It barely shipped that , wich means nothing .

Once upon a time Enslaved shipped a million , it still isnt breaking a million in sales to this day .
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Ritsujun  +   653d ago
Those who bought DmC obviously never played any NinjaTheory games, bunch of pitiful kitties.
DmC will become FREE on PS+ anyway, the game doesn't worth a single buck AT ALL.
BlaqMagiq24  +   654d ago
I can't wait to see what BS are you gonna start spouting from your mouth when this game gets better sales and better scores than DmC. Something like "the reviewers were paid off". I'm calling it now.
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Unicron  +   654d ago
Vanquish used the same system, and many people skipped it. Shame really.

admiralvic  +   654d ago
While true, Vanquish was not that story centric of a game. I don't recall more than an hour and a half of cutscenes (and even then I think I am being overly generous), so 1:30 + the links 2:59 and we have a game that is 4 and a half hours long... Even if we apply the same system to Rising, we don't know how much of an impact the persons play style had on play time (59 deaths doesn't exactly imply skills to me), so we could STILL be looking at a game under 6 hours.
RE_L_MAYER  +   654d ago
Yeah, around 6 hours probably.I can tell you what other games I beat in 6 hours
Heavenly sword
Mirrors edge
Hitman absolution
Crysis 2
Binary domain
Max payne 3
Far cry 3
Sleeping dogs
ShaunCameron  +   653d ago
I beat....

Killzone 3
SpongeBob's Truth Or Square
Sonic Colors
Heavenly Sword
Little Big Planet 2
Lollipop Chainsaw
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
Anarchy Reigns
Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers

....in 6 hours or less.
Dasteru  +   653d ago
It takes me around 4.5 hours to beat the original MGS if i skip the cutscenes.
Redempteur  +   653d ago
that's a lot , if you skip cutscenss and codecs, you can beat MGS1 in less than 90 minutes easily.
Dasteru  +   653d ago
That is actually playing the game and getting items though, not a pure speedrun.

I have never attempted an actual speedrun so i wouldn't know.
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IK IR Y IP T  +   654d ago
this is important if im going to shell out 60 dollars i dont want to be able to beat the game in one sitting if the game can be beat in 5 or 6 hrs in my opinion it should only be 40-50 bucks
RE_L_MAYER  +   653d ago
Well here is how I always do it-even if the game is short (6 maybe more hours) then I would take my time and watch all the cutscenes and dont rush it although its not really possible in this game its a very fast game so taking it slow would be weird but then the good side Is its one of those games you can beat quickly but do it over and over because its just fun-a lot of games doesnt even make you want to replay them or they simply too long but in this case its not that 6 hour mark that makes all the difference but the fun in replayability
Raiden1991  +   654d ago
As long as we can play new game+ with all the weapons and skill's i will claer the game over and over and over and i will not care about the playtime in the end..LOL you guys just have to relax and think positive :D
Hanso  +   654d ago
yeah new game+ is always a cool thing!
Whitefox789  +   653d ago
There's new game+, an extra difficulty that is extra hard, and VR missions.

Sharp  +   654d ago
It would be great if Konami and Platinum continues their cooperation. Imagine Platinum Games + Zone of the Enders franchise!

I want Konami to buy them and push out an AAA game per year from each studio :)
Ripsta7th  +   654d ago
This game WILL do well! Cmon who doesnt want to play as a freakin Cybog NINJA!?! Epic
Tzuno  +   653d ago
let zee upgradez come!!!
devlandvillacorta14   653d ago | Spam
drizzom  +   653d ago
All I've learned from this is that Western gamers are so so very easy to rile up. (I live in the west btw.)
fsfsxii  +   653d ago
I'd rather have a short extremely fun game like Vanquish over a 15h+ boring game
ShaunCameron  +   653d ago
Same here. Most of my library consist of games that took me 10 hour or less to beat. And it seems that MGR:R will be among them come 2/19/2013.
fsfsxii  +   652d ago
Can't friggin wait.
xBigxBossx  +   653d ago
lol if Kojima has apart of the story.... it wont be that short of a game. Long live Kojima.
Raiden1991  +   653d ago
I just know from an informer that we will not be able to change the color of the blood to white :'(

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