Why Anti-Used Game Consoles Could Be A Good Thing

GameRevolution: There have been a slew of next-gen rumors slinging left and right over the past couple of weeks, and none have irked the gaming populace quite as much as anti-used game measures. We've heard talk of it on both the PlayStation and Xbox side of things, so a widespread move could very well be a possibility.

But instead of crying about it, I'm going to try and find a silver lining in all of this mess. Now I know what you're thinking... Is this guy out of his mind? How could limiting the consumer's options possibly be a good thing? Blocking used games will single-handedly destroy retailers like GameStop, bring down rental services like GameFly, and prevent gamers from getting a game on the cheap for making a buck on what otherwise would collect dust.

Believe me, I hear you loud and clear. Blocking used games would have some serious consequences that don't swing in the favor of the consumer, but upon closer inspection, there are also a lot of benefits that should not be overlooked.

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dbjj120881930d ago

I don't buy many used games now, so I'm unsure how I'd feel about the market going away. Obviously Gamestop is worried though.

alexcosborn1930d ago

Can't say I do either, unless I'm looking for some classic that went out of print years ago.

killcycle1930d ago

If used games went away it would mean a raise in the price for all new games in the future.
Less competitive pricing would be terrible and £50 for 1 new game would be a bad idea.

That's what i think the outcome would be.

knifefight1930d ago


Your user name and avatar are references to The Unholy War, one of the most criminally underrated games ever! I officially love you.

1930d ago
Army_of_Darkness1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Then I would have no problems with blocking of used games cause most of the games I bought recently have been between $20-$40 and that's about 3-5 months after they're release.

Plus I hate Gamestop and hope for the worse for them:-), they screwed me one time to many when I was younger and desperate to get new games...

jony_dols1930d ago

If Sony or MS implement anti-used tech, then they better cap the price of new games at around $40, to compensate for revenue saved.

Gaming1011930d ago

No used games means you can't share your game with a friend to let them try it out and vice versa. It also means you can't sell any games you're not playing anymore. It's great for no one other than publishers. Retailers suffer like Gamestop. Gamers suffer since it destroys their leverage and ability to sell what they own. If you're a shareholder for a gaming publisher then of course you're going to be happy about this. If you're a gamer, you're anyone else, you're going to hate it.

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LOGICWINS1930d ago

I wouldn't have a problem with it. Its gunna happen at some point anyways when everything goes digital. My concern is how I will be able to let a friend borrow a game or play a game at his house.

Enate1930d ago

Oh yea? tell that to the ruling that came down in EU awhile back that gave you the right to resell your digital games.

The_KELRaTH1930d ago

I haven't purchased a used game for years. The reason I did so wasn't to save money it was because I couldn't buy it new at the time.
But this doesn't mean I want my freedom to choose removed just because corporate wants more profit.
Maybe they could save more money just sacking these departments whose role is just to work out ways to save a few pence and concentrate on creating brand loyalty rather than resentment.

They should stop forcing the market and allow it to change naturally - which it will (like the way we now rent movies via Lovefilm/Netflix rather than Blockbuster)

Ulf1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

So very sad, how many people can't see the benefits of Steam-ifying console games. GameStop laughs their way all the way to the bank with the loyalty of their sheep.

Cheap games is why PC gamers adore Steam. To not believe that the SAME publishers wouldn't want to do the same in another digital marketplace is just plain stupid.

theWB271930d ago

How are they sheep if that's the main place to buy and sell used games? Some places, like where I live, don't have a mom n pop store to go to. Or a Blockbuster and all they're stuck with is Gamestop.

Most gamers arent PC gamers, so we dont benefit from Steam what so ever. Like everyone says...internet is not everywhere like some people want to believe, and in most places it isnt fast enough to support online gaming, and downloads.

ChocolateGiddyUp1930d ago

I bought Assassin's Creed for $30 on Black Friday...

...then I sold it a month later for $45 on eBay.

Ulf1930d ago


" we dont benefit from Steam what so ever"

That's pretty much my point. Why would you not want dirt cheap games delivered right to your machine at any time, again?

doctorstrange1930d ago

The only good thing is what it'd do to GameStop

knifefight1930d ago

Article: "Games Will Be Cheaper, Have Larger Discounts"

I dunno about that. In terms of economics, customers having *fewer* options has rarely led to prices going *down*. It's usually the opposite.

alexcosborn1930d ago

But there'd be more options in the digital space, no?

As boxed games begin to fade in relevancy, Microsoft and Sony will have to compete with Steam's super low prices if they hope to find success with their online stores. We're already seeing glimmers of that now with PlayStation Plus.

knifefight1930d ago

I meant options as in, options on how you buy the game. If you take away "Physical Used" and add nothing that doesn't exist already, that's one less, not one more, and not an equal number.

alexcosborn1930d ago

Gotcha. I see what you mean from a retail perspective.

Ulf1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Steam, and its ilk, say hello. Same publishers as those who print console discs. Same competition.

knifefight1930d ago

Right, but that currently exists, from what I understand.

animegamingnerd1930d ago

do people forget things like the game going out of print and buying it use is the only way you can get the game?

sithsylar1930d ago

Yep exactly. They do forget but its a case of battered person syndrome and obeying their master aka brand/console.

V0LT1930d ago

With the digital age those days are coming to an end.

BanBrother1930d ago

Also, it would suck for the people who live in countries where game prices are literally double that of the U.S.

Sometimes buying used is the only option for older games. I support the good developers, but I can't afford every game day 1. Sometimes there are no new copies left at a reasonable price. I highly doubt that they would reduce prices as well, businesses are greedy and will want the same amount of money they were getting last year.

Some good is that developers will have increased sales, but the bad is what annoys me. Sharing a game with your friend, playing it on a siblings console etc.

There are good and bad things about this. At the end of the day, I'd prefer MY money for my family, not a businesslike EA or Activision. (Also, how could you take back a really crappy game? The industry has no quality control any more)

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