Two New Commodore 64 Games Released

Retro consoles aren't dead yet, with two brand new Commodore 64 cartridge games now available for purchase - Assembloids and Spike/MineStorm.

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steve30x1768d ago

The Comodore 64 was not a console. It was a personal computer.

mirumu1768d ago

They did release a console version of it, the C64 GS, that only played cartridge games. It was only available for a short time in the PAL regions and sold poorly. It's certainly true that the vast majority of people had the computer.

I had a C64 GS myself at one point that I picked up second hand. Pulled the graphics chip out of it to fix another broken C64 computer. I kind of wish I'd kept it intact now as the GS is far more rare.

Mounce1768d ago

Shhhh...don't tell that to the youth who think they're hardcore when they didn't even live in the age of Commodore, Amiga and MSX.

steve30x1768d ago

LOL I learned DOS on the C64 and amiga 500. I was even developing my own game on the Comodore 64.

NexGen1768d ago

Pc-dos was on ibm pc's and ms-dos later became the standard. Neither of these dos versions was ever on a commodore.

BattleAxe1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I remember when I was in grade 2 and 3, my school had a bunch of Commodore 64s in the first ever "computer room". We use to use a drawing program called LOGO, where you had to type in the coordinates to get your Turtle to go in a certain direction. The kids that really knew what they were doing could change the background colour of the screen and they could even change the colour of the lines that they were drawing.....oh the memories

TheSaint1768d ago

It's always amusing when they complain about thirty second loading times!

steve30x1767d ago

I cant understand the disagree. I never said PC dos I just said Dos. It helped me when I moved onto PC.

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MrDead1768d ago

Enough with the C64 and bring us Commodore Amiga titles.

Bathyj1768d ago


Ahh memories.