Guilds are in, Pickpocket is Out in ESO

In a recent flurry of news and answered questions, we've learned a lot about The Elder Scrolls Online we didn't know a week ago. Some of what we learned seems good, and some seems bad, but here's why it is really all good news...

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Matt06111681d ago

(Please don't bring back Mysticism)

Grayn1681d ago

This is probably on my top three mmos that I am watching. Hope things keep going in the right direction.

kefkah1681d ago

I am hoping this game lives up to the hype.

Ashlen1681d ago

Ultima Online had pickpocketing, it was great. Steal keys to peoples houses and rob them blind. Ah good times. Too bad no company has the balls to make another mmo with freedom of player interactions like that.

kostchtchie_1681d ago

exactly, robbing someone and getting caught should activate PvP :P

dlpg5851681d ago

what if a high level character kept pickpocketing low level characters for the lulz. it would ruin the game for the low level characters cause they couldn't really retaliate. there would be plenty of ways to fix this but it might become too complicated or wierd. i don't blame bethesda for seeing a sleeping bear and running the other way.

Wormwood1681d ago

That's interesting. I had never heard of another Multiplayer game pulling that off. Kinda strengthens the case to at least consider keeping pickpocket in...

aliengmr1681d ago

Back in the day MMOs had stuff like this, but the amount of people willing to invest in an MMO that has those mechanics is too low to support big budget titles.

Its a case of whether or not its worth the time and effort to do properly. If this were a Thief MMO, it would be.

thezeldadoth1681d ago

hope its awesome. I love WoW and all other MMO's suck ass, i'd love for there to be another great MMO that I actually like.

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