Which PlayStation 4 games will be announced next week?

On February 20 we will see the future of PlayStation and everyone expects the announcement of the PlayStation 4. Whith a console announcement also hear a lot about new games. But which games can we expect next week?

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1862d ago

Halo odst 2 and Super mario 49 arial combat.

remanutd551862d ago

New Evolution Studios game (hopefully is Motorstorm World Tour)
New Media Molecule game (hopefully new IP)
New Guerrilla Games game ( Killzone 4 or new IP)
Sorcery 2 ( i know i may be the only one here but i love Sorcery)
The Last Guardian as ps4 launch title
Eight Days as ps4 launch title
The Getaway 3 as ps4 launch title

KingofGambling1861d ago

Hell yeah!
Eight Days and The Getaway.

Prcko1862d ago

I wanna see Ratchet next gen

DivineAssault 1861d ago

doesnt matter, im buying anyway

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The story is too old to be commented.