Capcom to give out a free game everyday in 2013

If you are a fan of games that have come out of the factory at Capcom, or just fans of free stuff, then you are in luck. Capcom have today announced that they will be giving away one game every weekday…for the remainder of 2013

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Irishguy951862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Before everyone gets excited

Read the article

killcycle1862d ago

What a joke.

I can't believe how misleading the article header is.

You have to go on the website and show activity by posting messages on the forums, etc to get points which you can then use to enter a raffle for a slight chance of winning a prize.

You're going to put your time and effort doing this for a slim chance of winning a game?

I would rather take an extra shift at work. make money and buy a game.


HammadTheBeast1862d ago

Son of a blee blop.

Capcom's giving out a free game every day - TO ONE PERSON IN A ******** RAFFLE!!!

1Victor1861d ago

here is what important "Today's raffle is 300 points per ticket, though that amount can change if we have something particularly cool or rare to give away." Last time I check a paid for RAFFLE ticket is not a a give away

HammadTheBeast1862d ago

Capcom + Generous = Insta-Scam.

clearelite1861d ago

That's what I was thinking, but you worded it so well.

zerocrossing1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

With the way Capcom handles DLC they can afford too.


Ohh, so it's a raffle? well who really thought "Capcom" was gonna give stuff away anyway.

Furesis1862d ago

well obviously you did lol :D

ThanatosDMC1861d ago

Capcom is trolling people.

Godmars2901862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

The word "Free" needs to be banned from advertising...

@those who don't read the article:
In this case "free" applies to anyone who's registered at their forum, is an active member who gets points for being so, and then spend said earned points on a daily raffle.

In other words, "free" is something you have to work for, with no real honest assurance of reward.

Myst1862d ago

I knew it! *throws hat on the ground*

smashman981862d ago

or you can register your capcom games which give you unity points

also they aren't making anyone work for anything if YOU want to got out of your way to earn a game from them the option is there, however they have a dedicated fanbase that goes on the forums everyday who will continue to do so and have a chance to win a game while they are at it

Godmars2901862d ago

The point is its still not free.

It would be different if they randomly picked active forum members, someone who'd posted within say 24 hours of the selection, but they want extra effort in addition to just being on the forum. And there there's an element of chance. Someone can and likely will sign up and post every day because of this announcement and wind up not getting anything.

kagon011862d ago

I guess Crapcom wants our souls...

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The story is too old to be commented.