Codemasters Producer: Wii U is "The Future"

NL: ''UK-based developer Codemasters' only announced Wii U offering so far is the upcoming port of F1 Race Stars, but that doesn't mean the new system hasn't caught its eye.''

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wiiulee1625d ago

lol...they are absolutely right...only wiiu will offer much uniqueness for this upcoming generation...nintendo just need to get everything situated and bring the games out..

Reborn1625d ago

Not disputing it, but no one has seen what other competitors have to offer yet. It's far too soon.

Plus, I think everyone would be happy if it simply just equated to better games all around, no?

MegaLagann1625d ago

Oh boy, a dev is saying something positive about the Wii U, better comment about how it's going to fail! Yay pessimism!

Listen, I agree that the Wii U is going to have a rocky start, but it'll be fine soon, like all consoles. One thing I've learned since playing games on the SNES is never underestimate Nintendo. The Wii U may not set the world on fire like the PS2 or DS did, but it's not going to be their Dreamcast.

Also, I guarantee most news sites won't report this. Can't have a positive Wii U story getting out there!

Yodagamer1625d ago

Heck i'd love another dreamcast type console enviroment, the only difference that nintendo would have is the fact they aren't in a huge debt

Starfox171625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I think the best selling console ever will be a console that doesn't get the best start but still sells well ie WiiU.

And so far it looks like all 3 will have around the same graphics going off specs,maybe ps4 looks to be a little more capable,but it's really a case of who brings the best art and wows people because all 3 will have the same graphic fidelity so it's the talent race with PS4/720/WiiU if i were Sony i would get the exact same specs as WiiU and pay Nintendo a royalty for that GAMEPAD and leave the 720 to get their wallet out for exclusives,because this way ps4 and WiiU could be the next HD twins in terms of 3rd party games,and they both have the best exclusives maybe Nintendo slightly edges out Sony on that,but Microsft have no chance when it comes to games.

Think a PS4 GAMEPAD exactly the same just with ps4 written where WiiU is,even nintendo gamers would buy a ps4 if that happened,but Sony choose to try and know best when really they just do close copies and call it there own ?? just licence the GAMEPAD its the future.

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