Housemarque Comments on the Dead Nation 2, Superman, and Walking Dead Concept Art

Over the weekend, it was discovered that artist Amar Djouad, who worked for Housemarque between 2010 and 2012, posted some very interesting Dead Nation 2, Superman, and The Walking Dead concept art onto his website and CGHUB. Though there’s no writing on his site, he does post on CGHUB that, for Dead Nation 2, “this is how I see the continuation of the game, unfortunately it is just another canceled project.”

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TrendyGamers2134d ago

Hopefully they're working on Dead Nation 2.

Skate-AK2134d ago

It really wouldnt make sense for them not to I think.

dbjj120882134d ago

I love Housemarque. Easily one of my favorite developers in the past 5 years or so. Lots of great downloadable games.

ftwrthtx2134d ago

Dead Nation was a fun little game that gave me hours of enjoymaent. A sequel would be great. I just wish the original title let you play through the hardest setting with everything upgraded from the get go.

Wedge192134d ago

I like their "No comment" "May or may not be working on" response to this. In most cases (granted, not all cases), they care about "leaks" like this because it's something that they are actually working on and they feel the need to plug the holes. And in plugging the holes, they effectively confirm that they have something up their sleeve.

nikrel2134d ago

I'm redownloading Dead Nation to play it again, such a good zombie game I loved it.

Pintheshadows2134d ago

Dead Nation broke my dualshock due to some frantic, panicked button mashing.