Pachter on the PlayStation 4, Cloud gaming and the damage multiplayer is doing to the industry

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Here at Digitally Downloaded, we recently got in touch with notorious business analyst Michael Pachter ahead of the apparent PlayStation 4 announcement scheduled for February 20th. We spoke to him regarding his expectations and perspectives on the PS4 as well as its potential impact on Sony, the next generation and the video-games market as a whole, as well as clarifying a typical example of him being misquoted by an overly enthusiastic press. As you can guess we gathered some remarkably thoughtful responses."

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Dylila1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

michael pachter -
" I didn't say the word "hyper-realistic;" that was a NeoGAF interpretation. I said "capable of rendering 240 fps" as an example to a business reporter of what a four-fold increase in data processing could mean. The people who found that comment offensive are clearly just unhappy people with nothing better to do or games to play namely nintendo fanboys. Specifically, I said a four-fold increase in processing power, and simply multiplied 60 fps by four to illustrate the point. I do not expect games to be made that fast, as elaborated above, because I don't think it will add much to the experience. As my idol Jamie Kennedy says, "haters gonna hate" no matter what I say"

i cant wait for ps4 announcement and to own my own ps4.

GameLord081924d ago

" to play namely nintendo fanboys. "

He never said this. Don't alter things to your taste when quoting an article.

Qrphe1924d ago

Although he should already know that most of his comments go under great scrutiny, saying that the PS4 could do 240fps was a poor way of conveying its power to begin with (PS3 could do 240fps if you run a game on just wireframes and low resolution).

TheGamerDood1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Oh but he did say that.

“They’ll be able to put a lot more characters on the screen and allow for hyper-realistic games,” Pachter said.

GribbleGrunger1924d ago

LOL ... is it worth it? naaaaaaaaaa ...

Please continue.

nukeitall1923d ago

Sometimes the media quotes another source, that quoted a misquoted article and so on.

TheGamerDood1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )


Is that why I'm getting disagrees? lol You people think it's a misquote? I did a quick google search to try and find the source and all other articles sited the IS the original source! Also he didn't say that the interviewer misquoted him, he blamed it on NeoGaf.

And here's the thread on Gaf responding to the idiotic 240fps claim.

oh look, here's the sub to N4G and guess what, it links to...wait for it.... the JPTimes!

checkout GribbleGrunger's comment, he actually thought 240fps was possible! lol

"Great analogy there Darkride66, and I agree with the points you've made"

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1924d ago

Even Patcher knows that USA>Rest of the World.

The Japanese market is no longer as important, and Western markets are far more important."

That's why whoever wins USA, really wins it all.

Suck it rest of World! USA>You! :D ;)

Qrphe1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

USA != "Western Markets"

I'm so sorry the education system has failed you.

If you would have wanted to make a better point, it would have been more wise to choose a better quote from the article if anything.

Conzul1924d ago

midnight here is not representative of the intelligence level of most Americans. Tact, maybe, but not intelligence. Ignore him.

PickAShoe1923d ago

Go home miDnIghtEr, you're drunk.

akaakaaka1924d ago

hey Dylila PM your number ;) i'm from LA..

on topic quote of the day "hatters are going to hate"

deSSy27241924d ago

Well, you are just a Sony fanboy, normal Sony fans dont act like that...

240 FPS and maxed out settings aka "next gen graphics" (whatever) cant do even the best PC to this date with new games. You can have that much FPS with very old games OR low graphics settings etc. You get the point, for relatively cheap price that isnt possible at all....

SuperShyGuy1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

@ Dylila

michael pachter -
" I didn't say the word "hyper-realistic;" that was a NeoGAF interpretation."

Yeah he is a lair and just trying to not look stupid

-"“They’ll be able to put a lot more characters on the screen and allow for hyper-realistic games,” Pachter said."-

You are a hypocrite Dylila with your "PS4 day 1" talk and you haven't even seen the console nor games and yet have nerve to be critical of Nintendo fans

Also lol Jamie Kennedy! When was the last time he was relevant? 2002?

Edit lol GAF thread after he blamed them

Starfox171923d ago

Your a huge fangirl wow.

1923d ago
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KwietStorm1924d ago

That look on his face is exactly how I look every time I see another Pachter article.

NegativeCreep4271924d ago

The look on his face is the same look I have when I'm sitting on the toilet after a night of tequila and Baja Fresh.

ramtah1924d ago

People still listen to this idiot?

PickAShoe1923d ago

lets narrow that down, people who has nothing to do.

solid_warlord1924d ago

This guy is such an ugly looking man. Is there any reason to show his face, we know how he looks and it isn't pretty so please N4G. Do not post a pic of his face.

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Conzul1924d ago

Looks and intelligence are inversely proportionate.
You dummy.

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