Gas Powered Games Pulls Plug On Wildman Kickstarter

With it’s Kickstarter campaign sitting at 45% with just over 4 days to go, Wildman creators Gas Powered Games pulls the plug on the project in an effort to shift focus elsewhere.

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Echel0n1894d ago

Bummer. Lets hope that what they decide to focus on makes up for the loss of this one.

KnightRobby1894d ago

Wow, this is hugely disappointing. I think their goal was way too high. I just wish GPG could've hired back its staff - that is the true tragedy in all of this.

I hope they find jobs elsewhere, but the gaming industry is so unstable.

kefkah1894d ago

Well, that is a bit of a bitter pill for Gas Powered Games.

Grayn1894d ago

That is too bad, but the market is a bit saturated with Kickstarter game dev projects. Everyone seems to have a Kickstart campaign these days.

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