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Review: 'Dead Space 3' - Wait, I Thought I Was Playing A 'Dead Space' Game | RealSG

Anthony Accinelli of RealSG writes, "While I wish I could write about the sheer horror and intense feeling of solitude found within Dead Space 3, it's simply not possible. I'd love to describe the emotion felt when a group of necromorophs are lunging at me, low on ammo and out of health packs.

I'd also find great happiness in listing the vast improvements made over the previous entries in the franchise.

Unfortunately I can't." (Dead Space 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 2.5/5

AvidGamerrrr  +   778d ago
Echoes how I felt. Different title, different score.
aquamala  +   778d ago
just in what way is this not a Dead Space game? I don't see the similarity to Gears at all.

and the game lets you change the difficulty at any time, so if you're not getting the experience of "low on ammo and out of health packs", how about upping the difficulty?
Dead Space games have to do with horror and as such there are scary moments in those games. Dead Space 3 is just mindless shooting so it's not a Dead Space game. Gears is mindless shooting so it's pretty much the same bland experience.
Monolith  +   778d ago
I guess were playing different dead space 3 games. The dead space 3 game I'm playing feels a lot like the first with some action sequences.
aquamala  +   778d ago
what part of this game has mindless shooting? most of the time you spent in this game is exploring, not shooting. It's nothing like Gears
MEsoJD  +   778d ago
Someone didn't play Dead Space 3...
Pintheshadows  +   778d ago
Dead Space 3 isn't a mindless shooter though. Just because they've ramped up the action doesn't make it a 'mindless shooter'. It still has classic Dead Space moments interspersed by bigger set pieces.
nikrel  +   778d ago
I still want to play this as a fan of Dead Space, but I'll wait till it's 30.00 or cheaper.
Monolith  +   778d ago
Its actually very good. I've enjoyed every moment of it so far.
Heavenly King  +   778d ago
me too.
nikrel  +   778d ago
Maybe i'll check into it, going to Disney World in March for my daughter's birthday, i'll check into it when we come home.

I really did enjoy the first two games, platinumed the first, gave up on the plat for the second with the hardcore(zelot) mode. hah
DeadSpaced  +   778d ago
Trust me, it's a great game.
shadowraiden  +   778d ago
i dont get why people are finding it so hard to accept the change that of course is going to happen by the 3rd installment.

the whole idea of dead space was isac was just a normal maintance man who was chucked in with all the necromorphs fighting for his life so of course hes scared.

after 2 games worth hes faced everything and so isnt scared anymore and so this reflects how the atmosphere has changed.

tbh dead space 1+2 were not that scary or atmosphere outside of jump scares which got pretty boring quickly.
nikrel  +   778d ago
I agree.

I'm just finding it hard to drop 60 bucks when games drop price so quickly anymore.
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Flipgeneral  +   778d ago
you're crazy man. The original Dead Space was to me, one of my most memorable gaming experiences this generation, because of the tension it created and the wonderful job Visceral did with the entire atmosphere.

Headphones in, lights off, past 9pm, and that's a recipe for a nail-biting atmospheric experience

To each their own though, maybe i'm just more susceptible to horror experiences!
admiralvic  +   778d ago
"i dont get why people are finding it so hard to accept the change that of course is going to happen by the 3rd installment. "

People aren't finding it hard to accept, they're showing their dissatisfaction in the changes. If you don't make your opinion clear, then you only have yourself to blame for the problems. Pretty simple logic really...
MadMax  +   778d ago
turn up the difficulty if you want less ammo and meds!!!
Im starting to wonder if some of these unheard of reviewers have even played the frikin games! The guy complains about too much ammo and health packs. You know, if you play it on anything higher than normal, you will get less ammo and health packs? Game is great and im having a great time with it so far. I think alot of people have become VERY spoiled when it comes to games these days.
whamlollypop7  +   778d ago
Spoiled maybe but you have to agree that developers scrap so essentials of gameplay that defines the game/genre to make it more appealing to the masses. For instance survival horror and stealth games tend to be harder than others so the likes of Hitman and Resident evil have become something else.
MadMax  +   778d ago
Yea, they sometimes do try and switch things up, but in this case i dont see much difference compared to the other two previous games so far. If anything, they added a few new things, they didnt really take anything key away from the fans.

I do know what youre talking about though. I come from the time of atari and colecovision, so i find it funny when all these kids nowadays are complaining about really nothing! Maybe we should give them black and white tvs and vcrs for a week, take away their cell phones and led tvs!

Haha, no disrespect to that era, i am an 80s junkie! Still own a working colecovision and even a couple arcade cabinets from back then! Would give it all up for an arcade full of the classic machines! I just think too many people take things for grantite these days.
theWB27  +   778d ago
It's funny people complain about games changing or staying the same. Assassins Creed gets slammed by alot of people for still being Assassin Creed and keeping the game largely the same. Then Dead Space switches it up and they get slammed for it. Damned if you do, damned if you don't with gamers. Why im glad developers largely stick to their guns and release the game the way they see fit.
Monolith  +   778d ago
Your right. The double standard in today's youth. They don't know what they want.
You switch it up when it sucks. You keep it the same when it works. Dead Space 3 is ass-backwards.
theWB27  +   778d ago
Who determines if it sucks? Sales? Reviews? EA stated if this Dead Space didnt sale 5 million copies they'd cancel the series. It's all subjective..I for one love Assassins Creed but plenty people want it changed.
JGaLaXY815  +   778d ago
Exactly people are faulting them for trying to switch it up a little bit. I'm at only chapter 6. Even when you're selecting the difficulty it says..."If you've played Dead Space 1 and 2 choose Hard." I put it on hard, i have a gaming headset on, i play it in the dark in my basement. I am freaked out and the game is very tense. If you played the others and you play it on normal, yeah you're not going to like this game I feel...I want someone to tell me they put it on hard with a headset and WASN'T creeped out. Top Notch sound
ziggurcat  +   778d ago
seems unnecessarily negative... and another example of the inability to handle change.
gorebago  +   778d ago
whatever this game is awesome
Pintheshadows  +   778d ago
It is an incredibly solid game. Plays wonderfully and dismemberment is still fun. It seems however that action has definately taken a front seat and that has affected the pacing and story of the game. It feels forced but i'm still enjoying it. There are a few too many 'gamey' moments as well. They may sound odd but 'fix x amount of these' is becoming a bit old fashioned.
Saleem101  +   778d ago
Dead space 3 is awesome!!!
extermin8or  +   778d ago
wtf I'm on the ship above the planet, just go to the aft station- the game is playing mostly like dead Space 1 did, there was some action heavy bits t the very start, that felt abit out of place, the rest felt like DS2 but it certainly feels like dead space to me- play it on hard/medium and you'll get the lack of ammo and health issues.
maelstromb  +   778d ago
Fact #1: You just can't please everyone. Fact #2: Some people just enjoy hating.

The # at the end of the title and idea that there are "action sequences" only lend them the platform with which to moan about an excellent game.
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Son_Lee  +   778d ago
Whether it's horror or not should not affect the overall quality of the game or the score.
Lone_Man  +   777d ago
the game was awesome...and it was also scary for me not as the last one but still game was scary…the only thing I didn’t like this time was the shot gun or any short range weapon accept some shockwave type gun to knock out AI… this time around using stasis to kill AI is very annoying..YOU CANT KILL THEM IN ONE SHOT OF SHOTGUN while they were in slow mo using stasis..This time around you can’t move back while firing on the enemy because enemy (necro) will 100% gonna come from your blind side…but I like the game very much

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