Don't Go In There! Six Of The Scariest Video Game Doors

Jason from Pixels or Death recounts the six video game doors that he wishes he had never opened. Examples include Silent Hill, Dead Space 2, Scratches, and Corpse Party.

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KillrateOmega1953d ago

The infamous 'door' lol :) Dead Space was almost a given here.

himdeel1953d ago

Without Siren: Blood Curse this list is flawed.

KillrateOmega1952d ago

*snaps fingers* I knew it was missing something!

greatcrusader441953d ago

Knew Thief's Cradle door would be in here. Whole level was so atmospheric, genius of them to not have any enemies til 15 min in, just when your feeling scared anymore since you haven't been attacked, you run into of those... psychopaths.

linkofrs1953d ago

Yeah after playing amnesia the dark descent I can proudly say pretty much nothing afterward scared me ever again.