The Last Of Us Has One Flaw

Josh Wirtanen of CheatCC writes " The Last of Us is a game that a lot of people are excited for, and I’m definitely one of those people. There’s just so much to love about Naughty Dog’s foray into the horror genre, and I’m sure a lot of my peers in the games journalism industry are already making a mental note to keep this one in mind when 2013’s Game of the Year season comes around. And that’s probably valid. Still, I can’t help but feel a bit pessimistic about one particular feature of this game."

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GalacticEmpire1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

It's just too awesome.

Cerealously though, when I saw the latest crap-your-pants video and heard of the 'listening' feature I knew it was going to come under fire.

Naughty Dog have included this because its a gameplay design that fits with the thier desired feel for the game. It must enhance the experiece or they would never have included it, after all it's Naughty Dog we're talking about here.

Not everyone at home has a great 7.1 surround sound setup and, as advanced as the sound will be in game, it's necessary for some to be able visualise the audio clues.

chobit_A5HL3Y1651d ago

did you just put "cereal" in the word "seriously"?...

theBAWSE1651d ago

naughty dog should make listening mode an option at the start of the game

be great for deaf gamers

Nimblest-Assassin1651d ago

Well this type of mode is common in stealth games now

Batman Arkham games
Assassins Creed

I guess its done so the player can come up with a solution to how to deal with enemies

Also... im sure they will disable it on harder difficulties

Kevin ButIer1651d ago

lol that cereal guy made my day...

On topic... it's kinda early to get that specific with in game mechanics, lets wait and see how it works trough actual gameplay

EeJLP-1651d ago

Interesting article, haven't heard about the feature before. Sounds like Situational Awareness in Uncharted's multiplayer where Elena Fisher is suddenly a Chimera who can see through walls.

Unless you're a Chimera (Resistance) seeing heat signatures, or you have some sort of heat sensor equipment in a tactical shooter like Rainbow Six.. seeing through walls is pretty stupid.

Hopefully it's not so blatant. I haven't seen any footage on it yet. I thought Batman's detective mode was dumb too when I first played the demo. It's feels like cheating or super easy mode knowing where everyone is around every turn, well before you get there.

zeee1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Actually, the author answered his own concern. Read below:

"Now, I understand that Listen Mode is basically a visual metaphor. It’s an on-screen representation of the game world’s unique “soundscape,” one that’s been designed from the ground up to direct players in its combat/stealth scenarios. Joel can’t literally see through walls; his senses are just finely attuned enough that he can judge enemy locations and things using nothing but audio cues."

I think he got that part right. It explains everything quite beautiful. What's the confusion then?

GalacticEmpire1650d ago

Yeah, I made a South Park reference and people are actually critising my English down below lol.

Or maybe I'm just an idiot who actually thought seriously was spelled like that and South Park provided a fortunate scape goat for my illiteracy? Just... maybe.

1650d ago
deafdani1650d ago

Puns are cerealous business.

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MmaFan-Qc1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

peoples camplaining about the "Listen Mode" really need to understand something really important.

its better to have the option WHEN YOU DONT NEED IT ....than NOT HAVING IT WHEN YOU NEED IT.

you know, a condom.

miyamoto1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

ROFL...ha ha correct.
maybe they put it for those who dont like random active encounters of the third kind....better err in the side of caution than instantly meet your destruction
for those man enough to face them Clikers by all means dont use Listen Mode

Outside_ofthe_Box1651d ago

Lol exactly. If you don't like "listen mode" you don't have to use it. There may be a situation where trying to realistically rely on sound might make a certain level hard to beat and thus "listen mode" because an option you can use if you ever decide to give up on playing the game realistically due certain areas being too difficult.

zeee1650d ago

Hahaha! Good one MMAFAN-QC. Same goes for toilet paper :)

clearelite1650d ago

....or a big net, in case Man Bear Pig makes an appearance later in the game.

I agree though and learned to appreciate listening in counter strike.

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wsoutlaw871651d ago

I agree. If part of the game is listening to where the enimies are than its awesome thst they are spending time to make the audio great for people wih great sound systems or head sets. For the people who dont, im sure this visual hearing is neccessary. I just shows you visualy what the charecter hears

j-blaze1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

no it's not awesome they said the game is going to be very realistic, and now they also added auto aim "click the new gameplay vid at 00.42" it pointed at the zombie before you even see it..all that kills suspense and surprise element and makes the game too's going to be like this.. pick a brick use the magical Listen Mode or auto aim it'll detect the zombie for you, kill it, repeat

Pintheshadows1651d ago

Haha, good ol' J-blaze, the warrior against Naughty Dog strikes again. You do know that listening isn't a magical power right?

Nimblest-Assassin1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Im guessing this is what you are thinking J-blaze


Kinda annoying seeing you desecrate the image of a cool villain with your ignorance

MysticStrummer1650d ago

Do you even care how moronic you seem j-blaze? I'm guessing no.

BlmThug1651d ago

Oh well as long I'm not forced to use it, which I'm not :D, then I don't really care.

Campy da Camper1651d ago

Sennheiser 280 HD Pros ftw!

toxic-inferno1651d ago

I agree about the 7.1 surround sound comment. I'm still using basic stereo! But the only way I can truly see this mechanism working effectively in such a gritty title is if they implement a way by which the "Listen Mode" can make mistakes. I've often thought of this as something I'd like implemented into a game.

Basically, if the "Listen Mode" is merely a representation of what Joel can deduce, then the "projections" he can "see" are merely based on interpretation. It is therefore possible for Joel to misinterpret the sounds he "hears", which would actually work against you if you relied too heavily on it.

A simple example; if there are enemies approaching, Joel might have a fairly good idea where they are, but knowing the exact numbers of those enemies would be very different. Additionally, enemies could "fool" the player, by throwing rocks around to make extra noise.

Monolith1651d ago

Your on to something. I like!

rainslacker1651d ago

That's actually a very clever game play mechanic you thought out there. Good job.:)

WeskerChildReborned1651d ago

Yea i specifically like this feature, it adds more to the survival gameplay.

joab7771651d ago

I dont understand his problem. It seems that it is entirely optional and that they created a new system that will allow ppl to use good headphones to determine location. That is amazing. But can u imagine the backlash from the deaf community if the game was predicated on listening and there wasnt an alternate way to do it. Also, many ppl may want to enjoy the story and world but not sit and listen for sound cues. I dont think he thought this through.

DigitalAnalog1650d ago

From what I've heard with the "listen mode", ND could at least used something a little more minimalist like the sound detector in Peace walker. It basically shows a circle as an audio queue to determine the enemies location. I can definitely see that a see-through concept could easily put a lot of people off in the immersion but to those with a 5.1 surround or the PS3's very own 7.1 virtual surround headset may prove a better alternative.

Dilldo_1650d ago

LOL your english sucks donkey balls