Schell Games CEO and Puzzle Clubhouse creator insists game demos harm game sales

GameDynamo - "According to Schell, and the figures he presented, the best way to generate sales was through a teaser trailer; something that makes people want to try a game, but doesn't give them any opportunity to actually do so without purchasing it."

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majiebeast1897d ago

Yeah cause ppl can try your shitty game before they buy it.

Gamesgbkiller1897d ago

But sometimes the demo is a really different thing from the final game .. happens a lot.

Topshelfcheese1897d ago

Doesnt happen that often, I've yet to actually see a demo be that much different than the game, except for the fact that they usually string together story sequences in a different order.

SilentNegotiator1897d ago

Solution: Create a demo that actually REPRESENTS the game.


Muffins12231896d ago

That's the developer's fault for releasing a bad demo...and if its a game that is only good when you get really far into it,then dont release a demo at all.Simple as that.

AJBACK2FRAG1896d ago

I think Retro studios is working on a new Eternal Darkness.

Mounce1896d ago

Who's Schell Games? Never heard of em....really...who?

Unwarranted-Self-Importance speech? Now....if Hideo Kojima said this or Miyamoto or David Jaffe orrrr Ken Levine even....but, who the fuck is this guy?

Demos can certainly hurt retail sales....if you HALF-ASS the demo and your game is ALSO half-assed. Him saying "Dont make demos' as a way of saying "Our game sucks so much ass, that we can't even give you a Demo-nstration of it because we fear you'll see the games' true colors before launch, making us not gain any money based on forcing the consumers to be in a corner of ignorance"

Sounds like that summed up. Give a demo and risk perception of it being Honest and truthful.....or confidently give a demo when you know your game is ready, has a chance, and the Demo-nstration succeeds at its job....Luring more interest than what was originally conceived.

Jesse Schell is a moron. Case closed.

fsfsxii1897d ago

Because it would harm your shitty game's sales???

MasterCornholio1897d ago

Just make sure your demo isn't terrible then or better yet make better games.

PopRocks3591897d ago

That's really awful logic. As if no good games failed simply because no one knew about them or crappy marketing. The likes of Oddworld and Double Fine's work come to mind.

Kyosuke_Sanada1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Then you know what else will harm sales, the sudden increase in refunds........

isarai1897d ago

it only harms your game if your game is shit, in which case you don't deserve the sales anyways

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The story is too old to be commented.