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Why Is G4 Changing To Esquire Network?

If you remember back in December, news was leaked that G4 would officially be changing into the Esquire Channel so that they could "morph the gaming network into a channel more in line with the modern male. New programming for the Esquire channel is already in production, and includes shows focused on cooking, travel, and fashion." But why exactly are they changing? We all loved G4 the way it was, a place to go to sit back and relax to watch and listen to discussion about video games and other things in pop culture.

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Community1898d ago
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Godmars2901898d ago

Because for some reason gamers were only staying around for Xplay and Attack of the Show instead of that campus drunk show and Cheaters?

camel_toad1898d ago

I was certain instead of Esquire they were just going to rename G4 to COPS.

Anon19741898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Because "G4 S. Preston Esquire" was too long?

joab7771898d ago

Very true. It wasnt a gaming network anyway. And gaming shows dont do great because we r ....gaming!

MultiConsoleGamer1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Because taking the "NeoGAF format" and putting it on TV didn't work.

Because talking down to your audience and patronizing your viewers only turns them off.

Because giving Kevin Periera and Morgan Webb a job was a mistake.

Because pimping Olivia Munn wasn't enough to get ratings.

Because the suits behind this channel didn't really understand gaming in the first place.

joab7771898d ago

Olivia should get her own network. It would so better.

SaiyanFury1897d ago

I used to watch TechTV all the time, it was my favourite channel. In recent years I stopped watching G4 altogether. Within the last year or so, just for S**ts and giggles I decided to see what was happening on G4. Little to my surprise ALL 3 times I put it on, Olivia Munn was performing some simulated sex act. While she's not completely unattractive, it does get old...

Number-Nine1898d ago

Cops reruns for the win!


Soldierone1898d ago

It's because the execs in charge of the channel are morons. Simple as that.

If you want more description:

They are blaming us, the target audience, for the downfall of G4 when it was THEM that did it. They didn't care about us, or cater to us, so why would we watch it? Everytime I turned the channel on (before DirecTV got rid of it) COPS was on.... what does cops have to do with gamers?

They are making remarks like our audience doesn't deserve a channel, and its irritating. Maybe if they actually care then G4 would be fine. They are also misleading saying it will still cater to us, the gamers, on multiple occasions yet not a single show about gaming or tech AT ALL is scheduled. Its target at "males" yet they have "cooking, travel, and fashion" as content? The execs are clueless entirely.

jdiggitty1898d ago

I agree with everything you said. At this point, hell, even years ago, I have no idea why the execs even try and keep the channel running. How can paying for syndication rights for re-runs that are already on Netflix be a better idea than just shutting it down?

Plus, like you said, they've continued to insult their target audience.

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The story is too old to be commented.