Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.7 Goes Live Tomorrow, Adds PvP, Improved Crafting

Gameranx: "Brawling, improved crafting, and a host of class balancing changes are coming to Diablo 3."

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fluffydelusions1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

About time. I played the game the other day (haven't played since launch) and boy did they nerf this game. It's ridiculously easy now. I literally went through normal mode as a barb defeating every single boss just standing in one spot using bash. Never moved around nothing lol. I'll try other difficulties at some point but it was definitely not this easy when the game launched. Got my DH to lvl 60 at inferno act 2 before quitting the game altogether.

Simon_Brezhnev1925d ago

Yeah i quit the game too im not sure if im ever going back. I got my monk to lvl 60 i believe i was on inferno act. They kept doing so many changes to monk i gave up. After every patch i had to change my gear set up. I'm not sure how it is now though.

Mikeyy1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )


You beat the game on MP 0. Congratulations. Come back when you have MP 10 on farm...

That being said yes the game fucking sucks right now but D2 didn't become awesome until after the expansion came out so I'll hold my breath. Its not like I play anymore... some day I hope it becomes the true heir to D2.

sithsylar1925d ago

I won't be returning to the game until they remove the always online part.... I don't see that happening so yeah not everyone lives in the usa...

sithsylar1925d ago

Does anyone still play this? /trollface

thezeldadoth1925d ago

actually the playerbase for this is still really really high

SilentNegotiator1925d ago

It only took them about 10 months to add PvP? Wow, thanks, Blizzard! /s

R_aVe_N1925d ago

It is sad that people are still playing this game it is a rotten turd of a game.

auragenz1925d ago

Sorry, moved on. Would have been nice at launch.

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