Kotaku: We Know All About The Next Xbox, From Someone Who Says They’ve Got One

The next-generation Xbox—the one that will follow the still-popular Xbox 360—will run multiple games at once, require game installations, and will only work when a much-improved version of the popular but divisive Kinect sensor array is plugged in, according to a source who says he has access to development hardware.

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PtRoLLFacE1653d ago

mandatory installs i saw that coming! but kinect always watching me, um no ty!

blackmamba7071653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I always wanted to be a star in big brother show, thanks MS t_t

aCasualGamer1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Player trying to play the new xbox 720:

Press on: "Please connect the Kinect camera. We need to verify you are the owner."

Player then tries to play game: "Please connect to internet so we know where you are... and verify you are the owner."

Player then tries to play online: "Please pay 50$ for a Live subscription."

Player then tries to play online: "Please pay 50$ for you have a second hand copy of this game."

So, how are Microsoft going to market this again?

delboy1653d ago

WTF, paranoid Americans

Ashlen1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

The good news, the next Xbox requires a dna scan to make sure your not playing used games. The bad news, it needs a sample of the tissue inside your anus.

patterson1653d ago

"1984" is already here, it's called Facebook... and how everything is integrated with it ;)

zeee1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

To be honest, these rumors are getting wayyyy out of control. I am getting sick and tired of these rumors about both PS4 or Orbis and Xbox 720, Next, 8, 3 or whatever the heck they'll call it.

I can't wait for Feb 20. I am dead sure that SONY won't disclose all the technical details regarding the ram, processor. Maybe some but not all but that'll at least put PS4 rumors to rest for a while.

And I wish that M$ would come out and announce something too.

Some of these rumors are just too crazy. I don't even want to think about any console manufacturer asking us to "stay online" to play games and to keep certain accessories plugged in for a game to work. These types of decisions are going to destroy PS4/720 and even the whole console gaming experience. And I think people at SONY and Microsoft are smart enough to know this and probably laugh their asses off when they read all these rumors circulating online.

SilentNegotiator1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )


On what grounds are you assuming that he is American? Their profile doesn't say it and Big Brother plays in more than one region.

Do you just assume that everyone with a different view than you is a 'dirty American'?

dcbronco1653d ago

Orwell thought the government would watch everything you do. Zuckerberg realized if you gave people a space on-line they would tell you everything on their own.

1 point Zuckerberg.

DragonKnight1653d ago

Kraptaku voted down. They know nothing about anything.

morganfell1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Seriously Kotaku? Your source is SuperDae?

And to note, SuperDae is from Korea.

As someone remarked below, "He had a Durango for sale on Ebay"

...and that is precisely the issue. It wasn't a Durango.

If you know anything about game development for any of the big three then you would understand the tightly controlled nature of a dev kit. You would understand the restrictive and illegal nature of allowing unauthorized access to a kit not to mention selling one. He still has his account on Ebay.

Do you actually believe MS would allow a real Durango dev kit to be sold to the public? His account would have been suspended and he would have been prosecuted 100 different ways to Tuesday. All Kotaku has accomplished is making themselves more of a butt in journalism than they were yesterday. The people at Gaf are having a field day.

konnerbllb1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

@morganfell Not that I believe it but it's possible he just rebuilt a dev kit. The dev kits are in fact pc components that anyone can purchase right now sans the kinect, which I don't believe was included.

The part where it gets tricky is how he said development software was included. He claimed his first auction never went through do to copyright claims by MS.

Anyway a developer or someone who knows a developer could be quite sneaky by listing a durango kit that was built off parts from newegg and then including a C++ app.

1653d ago
NewMonday1653d ago

"We Know All About The Next Xbox, From Someone Who Says They’ve Got One"

what a joke

reminds me of the"second hand news" sketch with Seth Meyers on SNL

subtenko1653d ago

Makes me happy to see people with common sense in the comments, everyone except @delboy. It's a known fact M$ makes you pay to play online, how is that paranoid? It's be speculated that M$ wont allow second hand copys of gaming on your console. It's not paranoid, its possibility. Look of the definition of the word possibility...

Anarki1652d ago

A source who has one? cool, me too... I have one also, the specs are quite shit. Now, who wants an interview?!

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user39158001653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Kinnect me please... He did have the dev kit on ebay, but that was the 1st version, as stated per EA they have the third veriosn of it and most likely receive another for final dev and tool adding for easier compatability.

Dissapointed over rumour, article did not describe any new tricks ie. your dog will be kinect connected to your nipples, just pull tail for continues bite.

The rumour failed.

sobekflakmonkey1652d ago

I didn't really understand most of your comment, but I did get "The rumour failed" I agree.

Saigon1653d ago

Took me a while to realize the impact of that. I initially thought it was cool, but then again, it could be a nuance after a while. Other than that, the material posted is almost what we have heard from other rumor reports. Now I want to see this device in action!!!

SilentNegotiator1653d ago

Oh look, another "insider sources" article.


miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1653d ago

Just saying silentnegotiator, but the real yawn is a person that comes into said article, just to write that they're bored of seeing/reading said article.

Next Gen is upon us, and people are excited for any kind of info about the new consoles. Even rumor news. It's just fun rumors. And I see that you've already used 2 of your bubbles in an article you don't care for.

Yawn. ;) :P

SilentNegotiator1653d ago

Nope, the real yawn is the hottest stories column filling up with made up crap.

deno1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Last thing I need is janet reno or janet napaletano or whatever watching me.

delboy1653d ago


Last time I checked MS was a American company.
My reply was about the company and I'm right when I say that America is paranoid, according to America everyone is a terrorist.
Now go and disagree with me, and maybe I'll go BOOM.

Psn8001653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

This is so wrong watching you on camera are they involved in a goverment conspiracy .
Who knows nowadays , there coming to take you away lol ?

Gamer19821653d ago

Nothing positive really coming out with these xbox rumours unlike playstation rumours where it seems all positive minus the trade in rumour which people are only guessing because of the patent. No rumour leak has actually said they are going to block them.

If Xbox comes with mandatory Kinect I think it could spell the end for MS consoles.. Kinect sold well at launch as poeple thought it could be used for hardcore gaming. This I think in turn has give MS the wrong idea and gamers wont be fooled again.

nirwanda1652d ago

20 odd million bought a kinect including me, MS has shot themselves in the foot by downgrading it at the last minute when they took the processors out of it which i bet made a difference to the accuracy.
I don't like the sound of alot of MS's multi tasking either, if i want to play a game i want to focus on that and all this stuff sounds like they will end up with another windows vista

IAmLee1652d ago

Kotaku: We make up bullshit so our site gets hits.

j4re1652d ago

And isn't the PS4 supposed to ship with an updated PlayStation Eye? What exactly do you think that will be doing? Asshats...

TAURUS-5551652d ago

ppl still care about that kinect childish thing ?...unbelievable. as usual microsoft imposing things...

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bunt-custardly1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

"We know all about the next Xbox".

Umm no you don't you think you do, but you don't.

Ok let's test you, what's the final name of it then?

How will it output 1080p 3D content beyond 24hz via HDMI 1.4a?

Will Xbox Live become a free integrated service?

Munky1653d ago

Your last questions is probably the most important one. If would a huge benefit to MS if they were to make this happen.

HammadTheBeast1653d ago

I don't know, they make most of their profit from XBL Gold memberships.