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Shooting first: what it means for Sony to go first into next-gen

As many Star Wars fans know, shooting first is quite a big deal. Many believe that by releasing Xbox 360 a year before its competitors, Microsoft was able to thrust the brand from third place to second place, only behind Nintendo's massively successful Wii. PlayStation 2 also launched a year before the Gamecube and Xbox--outselling both of these consoles combined. One generation prior, PS1's year-long advantage had it outselling the late-coming N64 by more than a 3-to-1 margin. (Microsoft, Nintendo, PS4, Sony, Wii U, Xbox One)

Abash  +   871d ago
I think its because Sony is well aware of the "Doom and gloom" tactics that gaming sites use to get hits and they are effectively taking control. Do you know how many articles there would be on N4G saying "Is Sony too late with the PS4 announcement?" even if they announced the PS4 only a single day after the the 720?

They know exactly what they are doing
andibandit  +   871d ago
If they knew what they were doing they would start doing some marketing.
fluffydelusions  +   871d ago
Market what exactly? You want them to spend millions on marketing a product not yet on the market or close to it. Can not even preorder yet so no point tbh.
mcstorm  +   871d ago
fluffydelusions I think andibandit was meaning in general Sony need to start marketing there products better and this is what has been letting the ps3 and psv down as well as some of there games this gem.

I also agree with him. If you look at the big hitters for Microsoft Halo, Gears, Dance Central, Kinect sports ect they got a massive push on tv, radio, billboards, shops and more. For me GT and UC2 were the only games that got the big push by Sony this gen.

I see next gen being closer than this one for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft though as they will both be going for the core and none core market from day one with there new home consoles.
fluffydelusions  +   871d ago
@mcstorm well if he means better marketing than defintely!
darthv72  +   871d ago
i guess...
technically whoever is next would be going 2nd into this next gen because nintendo has already kicked things off with the wii-u.

As for sony and MS, it doesnt really matter what order they go in so long as they deliver the goods. Be it one day apart in their announcements or only 1 hour (if they announced on the same day) why does it matter who does it first?

It is never about who does what first, its about who does it better.
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jaymart2k  +   871d ago
Look at all the 1st party games that don't sell million & millions of copies on PS3.

Twisted Metal , Killzone , Motorstorm ,Ratch & Clank , Starhawk , Socom , Resistance.

Sure most of these are good games but they aren't system sellers for Sony.

Games like Uncharted , Little Big Planet , God Of War are.
B1663r  +   871d ago
It confers all the advantages to Microsoft. That is a fact, and we know it is a fact because all the people who will now click disagree, agreed with Kaz when he said that Sony would let Microsoft go first just a short month ago.
DOMination-  +   871d ago
I believe Sony have got this wrong. Yeah they are announcing first but they will both release around the same time which is the most important thing.

By showing their cards now, they give MS a huge advantage. MS still have three months to change or add to their console based on whatSSony announce on 20/02.
IRetrouk  +   871d ago
If the consoles have a release date of late this year or early next, then neither company will be able to change much that would make a diffrence, devs kits are done, games being built for the systems as we speak.
akaakaaka  +   871d ago
price has everything to do with...
wii was last and it sold the most, why people don't talk about it?

Sony knows the PS4 will not sale like a wii or a PS2 in the start just like the PS3 but with the PS4 on the market a high end console they could take their old low end console the PS3 to a new level of sales if the prie is cheap! it will sale like good! like the PS2 or WII!

PS4 for the hardcore high end market(sale start slow but good enough)
PS3 for the low end heap market (like the PS2, WII.. PS3 in a low price will sale a lot!!!)
who wins here? SONY!

who is in a hard position? the WII U (is not hardcore high end is not going to be cheap like the PS3)
but lucky Nintendo they control the handle market with the ds and only way Sony can put a stop on that is to sale the VITA at a very low price but sadly that will not happen until few years latter, Sony seem to be okay with that sale rate..
muttley65  +   871d ago
whooooo-what'd?? article say xbox sold more than gamecube and ps2 together really??? seriously!!! if my memory serve me right ps2 sold 150 million copies alone. dont remember xbox selling even close to 25 million copies more like (24 million on may 10th 2006) wikipedia.

yeah this website is correct in telling RUMORS and Speculation (in english lies an more lies) an yet on a daily base gamers come here to bash one another,block those who tell the truth and suspend those who care or have a bit of knowledge. such CORRUPTION.........
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fluffydelusions  +   871d ago
I don't care who comes out first I just hope it's not a rushed product so we don't have to deal with stuff like RROD, YLOD and all the other issues current gen consoles have had over the years.
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InTheZoneAC  +   871d ago
I don't want to jinx my systems, but neither my launch 60gb or slim(2nd gen ps3) has had any malfunctions like that.

my ps2 was sent in once or twice I can't remember, but I stuck with them because of the games.

xbox owners can't say the same, not sure why they hung around microsoft this whole time.
GoldenMonkey34   871d ago | Spam
InTheZoneAC  +   871d ago
@golden monkey

I gave my 60gb to my sister and kept the new slim for myself....

obviously you're an idiot
kirbyu  +   871d ago
Not first, second!
Hanso  +   871d ago
wiiu doesnt count its not a next gen system
kirbyu  +   871d ago
I still don't get why that is.
darthv72  +   871d ago
wii-u is next gen
it represents a significant upgrade in performance as compared to the wii. unfortunately there are many who choose to see it differently. As in they only choose to see the comparative to other platforms available instead of seeing it compared to the previous model.

The industry track for next gen releases always look to the former as the comparative to validate the existence of the next system. then you can have comparatives made to those other platforms that are available. That is natural until the true successors to those platforms are released as well.

then the term of "next gen" will transition into "current gen" as all entries will now have been released.
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yewles1  +   871d ago
It means nothing, considering it was actually Nintendo went first...
InTheZoneAC  +   871d ago
um no....

that's like saying the psp go was the first next gen portable, ahead of the 3ds and ps vita...
darthv72  +   871d ago
the go was something significantly better than the psp then you would be right. But it was a revision to the psp line. inside it was the same technical specs as the psp. It may have offered internal storage but that was the trade off to the loss of the UMD drive.

Wii-u represents a significant jump in technical specs as compared to the wii. It isnt a rebranding but a new system. Despite what many think, it really is their next gen platform. anything that releases after it will be the 2nd entry into this "next gen" time frame.
juandren  +   871d ago
That's like saying Italy started World War 2
Cam977  +   871d ago
I'm not getting one at launch. The PS3 has a vast library that should last a minimum of 2 years after the PS4 launches! In other news, guess who can't wait to have two sachets of porridge for breakfast in 10 hours...
anestassiafarewell45   871d ago | Spam
unchartedxplorer  +   871d ago
With Kaz on the wheel I think Sony will be just fine.
gpturbo81  +   871d ago
nintendo already started next gen. common sense eludes you. new cycle of consoles starts new gen. on and on we go...
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BitbyDeath  +   871d ago
Nintendos gaming library is vastly different so would be why they don't get included in the wars as not being a direct competitor.
gpturbo81  +   871d ago
thats fair. id say nintendo is in its own class next to the other two
Stroke666  +   871d ago
bitbydeath, that is absolutely the most sensible explanation anyone has said regarding why they don't consider nintendo next gen, you have my respect. I do agree they march to the beat of their own drum, but the copycatting in the industry shows they are all in competition. ms, sony, nintendo even, all want what the others have in some shape or form.
Starfox17  +   871d ago
1st out of Sony and Microsoft maybe because Nintendo are 1st and LegoCity/MonsterHunter are my next games might buy Batman AC as well.
brave27heart  +   871d ago
First high spec next gen console. That a better definition for you?
linkofrs  +   871d ago
They're not that high spec. Consoles aren't pushing the industry enough in terms of technology anymore. This next gen will be determined by optimized software rather then hardware. This is mostly due to that fact that people won't buy expensive consoles.
brave27heart  +   871d ago
I think Sony will announce first, MS will rush for release first with Sony a month or two behind (in Europe that is, I reckon simultaneous US and Japan releases). Sony hope to jump on the hype train first to limit any damage a month or two's lead might cause.
juandren  +   871d ago
No way Microsoft will be able to release first
shackdaddy  +   871d ago
Why put a title like that then tag it with "wiiu" and "nintendo"?
EasilyTheBest  +   871d ago
There is so much speculation about the PS4 being more powerfull than the Next box, I myself just cant see that happening especially if Sony announce 1st with a spec rundown.
Qrphe  +   871d ago
BuffMordecai  +   871d ago
Hopefully its a return to form of their previous success in the ps2 era.
wiiulee  +   871d ago
lol silly kiids...how would sony go first..when wiiu is already out....ps3 has nothing to offer that wiiu doesnt offer plus more..except for shinier graphics...i see wiiu winning this next generation...
Tzuno  +   870d ago
premature ejaculation.

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