‘Sleeping Dogs’ heavily discounted by Amazon for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

Amazon is currently offering a substantial discount for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the multiplatform open-world action-adventure game, “Sleeping Dogs.”

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THC CELL1807d ago

It's free on psn eu, this discount is pointless

MasterCornholio1807d ago

Yep i love those 100% discounts that come with plus.

stone_cold1807d ago

its my first time to subscribe for ps plus and i downloaded the game for free but i want to know is the game will expire or it will be on my ps3 forever? hope any one answer

instantstupor1807d ago


You will have access to any "free" content you have downloaded from PS Plus for as long as you are a member of PS Plus. As soon as your subscription ends, you lose access to it. This doesn't apply to games you buy that are on sale, just the games that are "free" for that week.

aCasualGamer1807d ago

Playing it on PSN for free and boy is this game good. Really underrated.

Having great fun.

GribbleGrunger1807d ago

Even if you don't have PS+ for another year, once you resubscribe, any games you downloaded become available again. So, don't forget to put all those Vita games in you download list just in case you decide to get a Vita later on!

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rpd1231807d ago

Yes, because we all live in Europe.

SAE1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

You don't need to be in europe to get it. I live in middle east and i can buy anything from any store i want. Even japan :)

guitarded771807d ago

I know... it was awesome when Texas got annexed by Europe. I remember that day vividly. Everyone quit saying "y'all", and their teeth got all crooked.

On Topic: I got it cheaper on Black Friday, but a must play for any sandbox fans. One of the best of the genre this generation.

kingxtreme811807d ago

Is it pointless for those that want to actually own the game? No, I don't think so.

RuleofOne343 1807d ago

Not for Amazon seeing as how they need to sell items to exist weather some console has it or not. Also let not forget not everyone has a PS3 & is registered to plus.

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Venox20081807d ago

such a good game, much better than gta

Tainted Gene1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

thank u GearSkiN , I was about to lose faith in da intanetz

dirthurts1807d ago

Have you actually played this game?
It's fantastic, with a world that's full of life, and interesting characters.

Kurt Russell1806d ago

I completed this last night. It's start to finish brilliant. I ended up doing all side missions and going for the collectables I was having such a good time.

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TheGrimOfDeath1807d ago

That is your opinion, I don't understand why people just disagree on something like what you said. You like it more than GTA, what's the problem with that?

I like Saints Row: The Third. more than GTA, but Sleeping Dogs more than Saints Row: The Third.

Good job expressing what you like. *high five*

instantstupor1807d ago

I've had this thought before, but it boils down the the fact that just because you are expressing your opinion and not a fact does not mean someone can't disagree with that. There are agree and disagree buttons for other people to quickly cast their opinion about your opinion. It's not Fact/False buttons. It's agree/disagree - buttons to express opinion. They aren't buttons to measure validity, just community opinion. That's my take anyways.

TheGrimOfDeath1806d ago

^ You are also right. I guess we are stuck in an endless loop.

Ripsta7th1806d ago

Epic Shut off by instantupor!! haha

PickAShoe1806d ago

OR we can enjoy both. Ever thought of that?

Venox20081806d ago

sure we can... I didnt say that GTA was bad, but Sleeping Dogs.. I dont know.. for me its better, GTA for me was monotonous, Sleeping dogs has better variety and other things that I liked more

contradictory1807d ago

i got it for free on ps+ :P

josephayal1807d ago

Maybe the Most Underrated game of the year 2012

Venox20081806d ago

you meant overlooked? :) ratings are good for this game

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The story is too old to be commented.
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