Persona 4 Arena Will Be Region Locked on PSN

Atlus announce that they'll be bringing Persona 4 Arena to PlayStation Network. TheGamersHub reaches out to Atlus on comment about region lock and receive a disappointing response for importers.

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Bodachi1899d ago

As long as it gets released in Europe I'm fine with it.

WilliamH1899d ago

The EU version has been MIA for about 6 months, not even a hint of a release. If that's your attitude towards the EU Atlus you won't be getting one cent from me.

pompombrum1899d ago

Yup, a nice big FU from Atlus to Europe.

ShadyDevil1899d ago

Region locking PSN titles now...damn.

wishingW3L1899d ago

they have to do it due to exchange rates, it's the same as reverse importing.

wolokowoh1899d ago

When a game sales they make money. They do not lose money on the difference because that sale may have never happened otherwise. It's the same principle with Steam sales. Some people are only willing to $5-$10 per game and only on rare occasions do they spend more than that. Steam sales don't hurt developers. They help developers and imports do as well, even when the exchange rate helps them get it cheaper. The only market it hurts is Japan and most sales occur at launch so simply delaying the release of the other versions a few weeks would solve the need for region locking entirely. There is literally no sound reason to region lock the PSN version now.

rainslacker1899d ago


They bring in revenue, however due to exchange rates, and different pricing for different regions, they don't make as much as they want out of a region due to importing. I think importing isn't as big of an issue as some publishers make it out to be since most people do buy from their own region. However it isn't uncommon for some regions to import heavily because of outrageous pricing on games.

This could be a bigger issue for people willing to buy digital, as there wouldn't be the import mark ups that you usually see like say for Japanese titles that get released in the US.

I personally don't import anymore, but I'm against region locking because I used to import Japanese games that would never make it here, and I would have hated not being able to do that.

SonyNGP1899d ago

Don't want my money? Suit yourself c:

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The story is too old to be commented.