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How to Play Nintendo 3DS Like a Man!

One of our female contributors got fed up with her fiance not acknowledging the awesomeness of the 3DS. So, instead of talking to him in a communicative, healthy way, she decided to make a comic. (3DS, Culture, Nintendo, Tag Invalid)

chukamachine  +   585d ago
Men don't play them, stupid article.

Children should apply though.
Main_Street_Saint  +   584d ago
I'm in my 30's and I love my 3DS. Sad to see you have not have a clue.
darthv72  +   584d ago
Is a relative term to describe the sex or gender of an individual. That has nothing to do with their personality or desire to enjoy games.

Now a "gamer" is someone who enjoys games and can be of any age, race or gender. Being a 40-ish "man" who has been gaming since pong, yeah i enjoy the 3ds. I enjoy all aspects this hobby has to offer.

I take the good with the bad. It's just one of those...fact's of life things.
dorkjuice  +   584d ago
Say what you will about its stupidity, but it's not an article. Methinks someone didn't bother looking...
kirbyu  +   584d ago
I'm sick of that stupid Call of Duty ad. I don't have an xbox, leave me alone.

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