18 ridiculous(ly expensive) video game special editions

Game developers are increasingly fond of including doodads and gizmos with the premium editions of their games. Here are some of the most ridiculously expensive special editions ever released, in roughly ascending order.

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wita1567d ago

Who pays for this stuff? @_@

Sadie21001567d ago

The Duke Nukem Forever one kind of makes me sad.

crazytown991567d ago

Was it the double-entendre or the hubris?

JeffGrubb1567d ago

Cat helmet/cat goggles pictures is my new my bedroom.

darkronin2291567d ago

If I had the money, the only thing I probably would've bought off of that list is The Kingdoms of Amalur special edition.

rezzah1567d ago

I was lucky enough to get the collector edition.

They said that all editions sold out.

Murad1566d ago

Wasn't there only 100 editions every shipped out or something?

rezzah1566d ago

about 5000 regular. I guess 1300 collectors and about 300 signature.

My Troll figure (looking at it right now on my shelf) is marked 492 out of 1600. So if there is 300 Signature, then there must be 1300 Collector editions.

Bounkass1567d ago

What about Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter Edition? That badass was over $1500!

crazytown991567d ago

It wasn't available in stores, though.

Relientk771567d ago

I really wanted that too

josephayal1567d ago

I will pay any price for this game

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