Cowabunga: Revisiting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Video Games

From the original arcade game to the most current releases, Prima Games has you covered on the history of Ninja Turtles, dude.

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DarkBlood2132d ago

ahhh i remeber this game on the snes, as far as memory can tell it was either this or battletoads doubledragon as the first game i laid eyes on since birth i was below the age of four, cant really remeber it well now lol

Agent_00_Revan2132d ago

Turtles in Time is one if my favorite games ever. And it is probably the games I've beaten the most times. My cousin and I beat it dozens upon dozens of times to improve our completion time.

It was the perfect beat'em up game.

BootHammer2132d ago

One of the best old school arcade ports, classic.

BootHammer2132d ago

Still hope they revisit this franchise and give it the Batman Arkham City treatment.

DarkBlood2132d ago

in the hands of activision im not so sure anymore :P

Relientk772132d ago

Bring back these games, and make more they are so good, and so much fun

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