Creepy Dead Space 3 glitch is the stuff of nightmares

Dead Space 3 may be an action-oriented game but it definitely has some moments where it can genuinely scare the shit out of you, and that’s mostly due to the excellent sound design.

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phatfreddy19781743d ago

Ha I remember that happened to me on Medal of Honor: Frontlines and Infamous 2.Seeing there though is creepy as FACK!!!!

Y_51501743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

I actually have a video of the Glitch from the inFamous 2 Beta.

Ok it may be different, but it's still creepy.

maximus19851743d ago

what if when you turned your back it disapeared....

Kran1743d ago

once you've turn your back away from it though...... you should never turn back................

SeraphimBlade1743d ago

Dead Space: the horror game where the glitches are scarier than the actual content.

(granted, that's the case with even the good horror games)

RE_L_MAYER1743d ago

no glitches happened to me so far-im guessing playing coop what did the trick

Conzul1743d ago

Can't you see? It's singing the Aria!

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The story is too old to be commented.