Telltale CEO Talks Possibilities For The Walking Dead Season Two: 'Anything Is Possible'

Brian Crecente: ''The Walking Dead as an episodic video game enjoys the best of two worlds: It draws from a rich narrative of graphic novel fiction and a passionate television fan base, but also manages to maintain its own identity.

Now, with a full season behind them and an impressive list of Game of the Year awards earned, developers Telltale Games are carefully considering how to both continue the game's story and draw from the television experience to better engage their audience.''

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THC CELL1897d ago

Do this and make Grimm.

rodiabloalmeida1897d ago

Best story in games last year.

BlackIceJoe1896d ago

I would love season two from them. I am half way through the second chapter and I will be buying the last ones when I finish with that chapter.

SlapHappyJesus1896d ago

They really are just a great group of writers.

Loved their Sam and Max games.
Loved their Monkey Island series.
And I definitely loved Walking Dead.

Please, bring on more of whatever you have to offer. Don't just limit yourself to Walking Dead, though I would like to see a season two, and soon.

danny8181896d ago

Yesss! Im concerned about Clem's future! It ended with many questions unsolved

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