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Sony Doesn't Deserve the Vita

Why should neglecting the worlds best handheld be ok? Shouldn't the company that produced the portable keep up on marketing the system so that people actually want the system? Find out why we think Sony doesn't deserve the Vita and why it's like a neglected baby bird.

Wait What?! (3DS, Mobile, PS Vita, PSP, Sony)

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MontyQ  +   775d ago
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Kennesu  +   775d ago
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LOL_WUT  +   775d ago
MontyQ  +   774d ago
I can taste the bubbles
Knight_Crawler  +   775d ago
Does ketchup also come out? Can have hot dogs without ketchup.
Pillsbury1  +   775d ago
Does it come with buns? ;p see what I did there?
belac09  +   775d ago
i love my vita, there are some great games, but sony did drop the ball a bit, i dont understand it.i think it will be fine though.
Canary  +   775d ago
A bit?

They're treating the Vita like a crack-baby orphan they thought they aborted with a coat hanger rather than the child prodigy it is.
badkolo  +   775d ago
i think came out to early but i thik i see what might be happening here, i can see the vita at 99 bucks next year abd be fully compatiable with hte ps4 in ebveryway, use it to play games on the screen just like wii but for all games, i thkn the vita is the ps4's next controller, besides the one they will include with the system
VforVideogames  +   775d ago
I have no idea why sony is doing this to them self's, we have like 8 versions of the psp (psp go, psp micro, psp1000, psp3000, psp slim, pspwhatever....) and soon the same its going to happen to the vita that is why people aren't buying it STOP THIS SH*T SONY, GOSH.
sdozzo  +   775d ago
Love my vita but something is seriously wrong with Sony and advertising.
Nicolee  +   775d ago
yah, love persona4 ^_^. i was really surprise that last year they show nothing on E3 stage, i was like ' oh finished ? ' hope they do something about it tho
OSIRUSSS  +   775d ago
I'm gonna pick me up a couple of PSPgos anybody want some?
Pillsbury1  +   775d ago
Now that they hired a new marketing firm and ps4 is coming they will be advertising a lot more.
TheLastGuardian  +   775d ago
"There has been a severe lack of games. Aside from Uncharted, Little Big Planet, and Assassin’s Creed III Liberation, there have been zero games that are anything more than a port, that are decent titles."

Gravity Rush
WipEout 2048
Lumines: Electronic Symphony
Ragnarok Odyssey
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f
Sound Shapes
Super Stardust Delta
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
Escape Plan
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Smart As
Unit 13
Touch My Katamari
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational
Army Corps of Hell
DJ Max Technika Tune

People need to stop spreading misinformation like this. Misleading people into thinking there is a severe lack of games for the Vita is NOT HELPING! What the hell is wrong with people who say there is nothing to play on the Vita? Why don't they do their research and stop ignoring any Vita game that's not apart of a big name franchise? I can't keep up with all the great Vita games. 2012 alone released enough good Vita games to last me years.

And what's wrong with playing ports and multiplats on the Vita? As long as it's a good port and you don't have it on another system, you might as well get it on the Vita since it's probably cheaper than the console version. Persona 4 Golden is the definitive version of the game and I never played it on the PS2 so it's like a brand new game to me.
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darx  +   775d ago
Sorry bro! It has a severe lack of games. There isn't one game on that thing that makes want to drop that kind of coin! My opinion of course.
TongkatAli  +   775d ago
Cool. I think those games are good. Have you even tried him ? Your opinion is looking awfully shady, explain more.

What games do you like ?
ElectricKaibutsu  +   775d ago
Maybe what Darx is trying to say is the Vita has some good games but no system sellers. That's how I feel anyway. It's an amazing machine and I want to get it but I just need that one game I gotta have.
4lc4pon3  +   775d ago
i own a vita. it needs more games. u can only play a game so much before you completely sick of it
XINTSUAI  +   775d ago
I don't understand all this hate about Sony, I have a VITA, i don't give a shit about sales, I have a ton of Games to Play, half them I received for free, in my opinion is the best portable system ever made. Sony Only need to make a better marketing, because in terms of Games is far better than the Nintendo 3DS.
Veneno  +   775d ago
I dont give a crap about sales either. I bought my Vita and Im loving it. I spend more time on it than my ps3.

The first years Vita games have been excellent and put any other consoles first year to total shame. But what people are saying is "somewhat" true.

There havent been enough system selling games. But thats okay because the real sellers come after the first year.

But I will say this: if you dont have a Vita or arent able to get enjoyment out of it, you are not a real gamer as there are lots and lots of great games and apps on Vita right now.
Hicken  +   775d ago
Exactly this. The ONLY thing Sony has failed to do with the Vita is market it. They haven't been lax in the support area in any other way. It sees frequent updates to keep it relevant, and sports a massive library full of first party and third party exclusives.

Honestly, it's a damn shame the Vita isn't selling like it should be, advertising or no. Core gamers know what it's about, and there are more than enough of us to give the Vita better sales than it has.

But this generation is more about anything BUT the gaming, which goes directly against the Vita's nature.

Gaming isn't about games anymore; go figure.
kenshiro100  +   775d ago
...Like any new handheld, the Vita should be...idk...GIVEN SOME TIME? I'm pretty sure that the PSP started out slow as well.

I'm not going to deny that Sony needs better advertising but its like the media has found something else to attack, other than the PS3.

Give me a break...
killerorca258  +   775d ago
If the PS Vita is compared to the Psp and 3ds in their first year, I dont think it's anything new what's happening to the Vita. I own one, and I love it, and here's the games I own and my personal review scores.
Uncharted Golden Abyss 8.6/10
Persona 4 Golden 9.5/10
Little Big Planet Vita 9.3/10
Gravity Rush 8/10
Wipeout 2048 7/10
Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD 8.2/10
Knytt Underground 7.1/10
Modnation Racers Roadtrip 7 2/10
NFS Most Wanted 8.7/10
Project Diva F 9/10
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 8.5/10
Mutant Blobs 8/10
Super Stardust Delta 8.2/10
Assassins Creed Liberation 7.7/10
Playstation All Stars Battle Royale 7.3/10
Blazblue CSE 8.4/10
Street Fighter X Tekken 8/10
Metal Gear Solid HDC 8.6/10
Sly Cooper TiT 7.4/10

To those who think the Vita is overpriced, the 3DS was 350$ at launch. To those who say, it's weak underpowered and pathetic, check out Killzone Mercenary, a game that proves the Vita can handle PS3 ENGINES. And to those who say it has no games in its first year, you've seen my list. The Vita will slowly, but surely, make it's way back to the top of the charts, just like the PSP, and the 3DS, and the Wii, and the PS3
MikeMyers  +   775d ago
The 3DS was $250, not $350. I don't think anyone has issues with the power of Vita. It needs better support and better marketing.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   775d ago
ill w8 another year or 2 to see if theres a price drop, new model, or a killer game that will make me drop cash on the spot. With all the games and possibly new systems this year I honestly dont know if theres money for Vita in my pocket.
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smashcrashbash  +   775d ago
Okay we have reached the very lowest level of stupidity now. Sony doesn't deserve the VITA? They don't deserve to do what ever they want with something that they made? By that logic Nintendo didn't deserve the Gamecube or the N64 with the half @$$ job and half baked ideas they made for them and low number of support that had for them.I am sorry we all know that the VITA should and can do better but now we have come to the point that now the company doesn't deserve the VITA? So can we rewind time an take every other system away from the people that didn't deserve it? Should we take then Dreamcast away from Sega,the N64 and Game Cube away from Nintendo and the Xbox away from Microsoft too? I mean I don't hear anyone chastising Nintendo for dropping two consoles that I invested so money in.
KongRudi  +   775d ago
It's not Sony who has failed to bring us games, they've made alot of Vita-games.
If you look in US, at SCEA-titles, they allready caught up to Nintendo on 3DS with retail-releases (not counting stuff like Escape Plan, Sound Shapes) with one year less on the market.

Sony did a good job, at a fantastic price for what you get.
The third parties on the other hand, hasn't been good at supporting the device - and neither have gamers in general.

But the worst are the media, they seem to dock games automatically 2 points, if they can find a similar experience on consoles.
Media is doing their best to kill the device.
Looking at a game like Vita-Uncharted, easily the best game in it's genre on handhelds - and then looking at it's 80-rating on Metacritic, is ridickolous.
Rockdown  +   775d ago
It did not help the vita that some of the eagerly awaited big titles, like black ops, were so bad.
tiffac008  +   775d ago
In my opinion the main reason why the Vita is struggling is because Sony continuous to support the PSP in the Land of the Rising Sun, thus games are still made for the predecessor instead of the successor.

The main strength of the PSP came from 3rd party Japanese developers specifically JRPGs genre and if they ain't making games for the Vita then there are no games that is going to be localized for the English speaking market.

Sony geared the Vita for the western market too much they forgot what made the PSP strong. It kind of worked but it also kind of backfired. So unless Sony gets those 3rd party Japanese devs to make games on the Vita and have a bunch of them localize. Well its going to be a long road ahead.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   774d ago
I think you got that mixed up. Japanese devs are the ones that are still supporting the PSP, not Sony. Sony has practically shifted all handheld game development on the Vita.
tiffac008  +   774d ago
No sir I did not mix it up, although Sony has physically shifted all their resources to the Vita. They continue to support the PSP with their 10yr life cycle plan.

The PSP is still part of their strategy. They should totally remove it like what Ninty did with the DS.

So there is no incentive for the 3rd party Japanese devs to shift towards the Vita since according to Sony themselves the PSP is still an important market to them.

In my opinion it was a mix message that ended up as a mistake on Sony's part. Sony tried to emulate what they did with the PS2 and PS3 but it did not turn out that way with the transition of PSP to the PSV.
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TrickisDcnc2011  +   775d ago
What is with all the Sony hate because of the Vita. The Vita happens to be the best handheld console i have used(I did have a 3DS but traded that in towards my Vita) and i bet that if most people on this site who complain about it actually ever own one they might understand why it is a great device. The only real flaw is Sony's lack of advertising and nothing else. Most of the games are great even if some are ports, take Persona 4 which i never played on ps2 but have got pre ordered for release in uk thanks to advice from friends in other countries and reviews on the internet and not just ports but other games such as Gravity rush and Uncharted which are both great games which really utilize what the Vita has to offer. I just think that people need to stop making Vita is dead posts and try using one for once but dont forget the 3ds didnt have the best start either. Oh and Sony isnt neglecting the Vita at all it receives enough attention from them such as adding it to PS plus and firmware updates. If they were really neglecting it that much it wouldn't be worth them making it anymore.
BioDead  +   775d ago
I love this console, but really Sony is letting it fade away!!! Why not pushing those games out and secondly due to differrent countries terms and conditions like here (in Finland where I live) we cant have apps like Youtube at all in Vita!!! (THAT SUCKS!!)

There is so many little issues with this console and it is so powerful (almost like PS3 itself) but there is so little done.
I honestly thought that many PS3 games were coming to Vita but that seems like just a dream... they just managed to put PS1 titles working and now were waiting possibly PS2 support... and PS3 support is coming out in 2017 or so with this kinda of progress.

The first couple months when i got my Vita I actually didnt do anything with it. Just played some demos and thats it. I was waiting for good games come out and guess what I am still waiting... now there is some games but not my type (exclude Assassins creed liberation).

Now I am stuck with other games like AC3, Dead Space, Bioshock and upcoming games in next few months (Last of us etc.) so if some games are coming to Vita my mood to play them are really low.
Like in some article there was saying "Sony lost Vita's momentum" or something like that and THAt IS TRUE! The feeling of the new console and that moment of how great it is, that is gone for me.
I know many compare it to PS3 launch which was disaster, but i think Vita launch is much worse.

Fingers crossed for Vita to survive!!!
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VirtualKatz  +   774d ago
I, too, hope the Vita survives; I have owned one and currently own a 3DS XL. The problem is not the quality of some of the games, yet they are old ports of games that I have had already. There is nothing wrong with wanting to multi-plat a game or play games again, but if that is what the Vita is known for it will continue to struggle to bring in sales. As stated in the article, they need to show why game companies should want to bring games to the system. Saying Sony doesn't deserve the Vita is not a knock to the Vita, yet to Sony. The Vita is hands down the best portable market, but it will continue to sink lower and lower until it's ultimate demise.


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