Sony Doesn't Deserve the Vita

Why should neglecting the worlds best handheld be ok? Shouldn't the company that produced the portable keep up on marketing the system so that people actually want the system? Find out why we think Sony doesn't deserve the Vita and why it's like a neglected baby bird.

Wait What?!

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2012d ago Replies(5)
MontyQ2012d ago

when I fart hotdogs fall out

LOL_WUT2012d ago


MontyQ2011d ago

I can taste the bubbles

Knight_Crawler2012d ago

Does ketchup also come out? Can have hot dogs without ketchup.

Pillsbury12012d ago

Does it come with buns? ;p see what I did there?

belac092012d ago

i love my vita, there are some great games, but sony did drop the ball a bit, i dont understand it.i think it will be fine though.

Canary2012d ago

A bit?

They're treating the Vita like a crack-baby orphan they thought they aborted with a coat hanger rather than the child prodigy it is.

badkolo2012d ago

i think came out to early but i thik i see what might be happening here, i can see the vita at 99 bucks next year abd be fully compatiable with hte ps4 in ebveryway, use it to play games on the screen just like wii but for all games, i thkn the vita is the ps4's next controller, besides the one they will include with the system

VforVideogames2012d ago

I have no idea why sony is doing this to them self's, we have like 8 versions of the psp (psp go, psp micro, psp1000, psp3000, psp slim, pspwhatever....) and soon the same its going to happen to the vita that is why people aren't buying it STOP THIS SH*T SONY, GOSH.

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The story is too old to be commented.