Will the PlayStation 4 Be Called “PS4″ in Japan? PSLS Investigates

I went on a journey of discovery today. I learned the real name of the alleged PS4.

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Sev1747d ago

PS4 confirmed!!!!!!!

dbjj120881747d ago

Totally confirmed. Orbis is terrible and obviously the "Vita" isn't doing all that great for them.

Knight_Crawler1746d ago

Vita = Life = Death = Funeral = Money spent by your love ones to lay you to rest.

Dont buy a Vita if you dont want to be a borden to your love ones....Buy gasoline and some matches instead.

darthv721746d ago

I would prefer them call it something new and fresh instead of keeping with the numbering system they have been doing for so long.

Orbis was a code name and probably not representative of the finished product. something a bit more catchy would have been nice.

In this case, I guess, 4th time is the charm.

NYC_Gamer1747d ago

PS4 should be released in the west first.

Shadow Flare1747d ago

It's made in Japan. It should be released in Japan first. When games are made in England and other territories get to play it before anyone in England it makes me sick

j-blaze1746d ago

no, also what Shadow Flare said.
can't wait for PS4!!

doctorstrange1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

This is what I get for trusting Kotaku

TrendyGamers1747d ago

Haha I laughed numerous times through this.

crunchychocobo1747d ago

I feel like this headline needs suspense music.

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The story is too old to be commented.