Nintendo Fan Is Happy With Nintendo’s $620 Answer to His $570 Wii U Problem

Kotaku: On Friday, we brought you the story of Jon, a Nintendo fan who spent $400 downloading old games to his Wii, but, through a mistake of his own and due to Nintendo's unusually strict digital-downloads policy, found himself with access to none of those games.

The lesson: a Nintendo machine isn't like an iPhone; your content is locked to the username that is locked to your console (though it seems Nintendo customer service can get around this).

After that story ran, I heard from another Nintendo fan.

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Zodiac1924d ago

Nintendo should just put the entire NES and SNES lineup on the virtual consoles. This guy and the 400 dollar duy last week, it really looks like getting games from classic systems. Makes you wonder if the Gamecube could still live through the virtual console.

Beef up the Wii U virtual console, Nintendo. You could get a nice chunk of digital money if you added Gamecube first party title with off tv support.

animegamingnerd1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

actually this is the same guy from last week this was a follow up story on how nintendo handheld it

Zodiac1924d ago

Oh, thanks for the clarification. Either way, Nintendo has a potential gold mine with the virtual console.

Just need to fix the account systems, so you don't have to go through all this crap.

deafdani1923d ago

No, it's another dude. Read the goddamn article, it's because of people like yourself that misinformation and false facts spread like wildfire on the internet.

TruthbeTold1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

While I understand the point of you 'Read the article' people, why are you so upset about his being wrong and the perception? This is the comments section.

You sound like you just want/need for there to be a negative opinion in people's minds about Nintendo.

I hope not, because that's just sad.

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dedicatedtogamers1924d ago

If Nintendo would unify their account system, people would buy more games. If the customer isn't confident they can "own" the game, they'll be less likely to buy it. If I could play Virtual Console games between my Wii, 3DS, and WiiU (I don't own a WiiU) I would actually, y'know, buy Virtual Console games. But because I have to buy a copy for each system, there's no point.

Sony was allowing cross-platform accounts since the PSP/PS3 days. I have PS1 Classic titles that I've downloaded to multiple PSP systems, multiple PS3s, and now to my Vita, and Sony didn't require me to re-buy it a single time.

animegamingnerd1924d ago

that was nice of nintnedo but you still need to add a log in system

PopRocks3591924d ago

Well, I'm certainly glad Nintendo changed their tune. That's far better than what was pulled the last time we heard about this.

But it doesn't change the matter that Nintendo needs to separate the accounts from their consoles and tie games to the accounts.

Captain Qwark 91923d ago

this is a large part of the reason i havent invested in a wii u. the wii was so far behind ps3/360 in terms of its online network and how it handled everything from lack of achievements/trophies/download s/demos/etc. it was either a complicated mess, couldnt do it, or was just waaaaaaaay easier on the other two. i was under the impression that nintendo would have learned from the wii and added all of those things for the wii u but it didnt and now they cant have my money, at least not yet. when its much cheaper, maybe

PopRocks3591923d ago

Well so far this only significantly impacts digital distribution. I have no intention to get rid of my Wii U, so my content is safe (I also have fairly decent luck with hardware longevity when it is not Xbox branded).

My hope is that they update the network to support a proper account/digital tying system. It's certainly doable, they just need to understand the necessity for it.

stragomccloud1923d ago

And yet, Nintendo(have been around longer) boasts an enormous back log of titles that no other company can come close to competing with. That's the other side of the sword.

Still doesn't excuse the flaws though.

InTheLab1923d ago

I still have the gold cartridge Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man with the weird cover art, Ice Climber, Kung Fu, Kid Icarus.....and this is why. It's like in 1985, I knew they'd invent some way to charge me again for games I paid $50-$70 for.

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